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King & Finch’s Eisner-Winning Batman Story Inspired by Dog Rescue

King & Finch’s Eisner-Winning Batman Story Inspired by Dog Rescue

Celebrated comics scribe Tom King has revealed the real-life inspiration for his Eisner Award-winning Batman story centered on Ace the Bat-Hound.

Writing on Twitter, King offered some backstory for the 2016 Batman Annual #1 story, titled “Good Boy.” Responding to a fan who told King they just started reading the now-classic Batman comic (drawn by David Finch), the writer said the idea came from his daughter, who thought of the Ace-centric story after King’s family had rescued a dog of their own.

King has been rather vocal about his Ace fandom, even going so far as to proclaim the pup superior to Superman’s own doggo, Krypto. And clearly, that affection for the beloved Bat’s best friend showed through his and Finch’s work on “Good Boy,” which not only won the team a prestigious Eisner, but is considered by fandom to be the best Ace story, ever.

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In addition to Batman, King also currently writes Mister Miracle for DC Comics, with art by Mitch Gerads. He earned notoriety with his and Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s Marvel Comics series Vision, as well as Vertigo’s The Sheriff of Babylon, which also featured art by Gerads.

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