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KING CITY is a hit

Brandon Graham’s KING CITY is something of a poster child for the fusion comics generation—begun as a “OEL manga” it was rescued from contract limbo and returned to lead the vanguard of Image’s newly invigorated and eclectic line. But it’s more than just a symbol—people actually seem to be buying it.

The other day we were checking some biblio info and saw that the new KING CITY collection was around #3500 in Amazon books. Of course, that could mean only that it sold three copies…but anything under #10000 is still a respectable showing. As of today, it’s dropped a bit: 2012-4-9.png
but still doing well. However, even its #28 place at Image is notable: it’s the 2nd top selling book that isn’t a WALKING DEAD book from Image! It lags only CHEW, Volume 5. Here’s the #27-40 list from Amazon:

27. Chew Volume 5: Major League Chew TP

28. King City TP

29. Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 7 HC

30. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode Volume 1 TP

31. Severed HC

32. Walking Dead Survivors Guide TP

33. Chew Omnivore Edition Volume 2 HC

34. The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 2 HC (New Printing)

35. Skullkickers Volume 1: Treasure Trove HC

36. The Walking Dead: The Covers

37. Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 4 TP

38. Liberty Meadows Sunday Collection

39. Chew Volume 1: Tasters Choice

40. Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1

For reference, The #40 Image book is at #29,721 overall on Amazon.

Like we said, Amazon rankings don’t mean hundreds of books sold—really only a handful, but this kind of sales velocity for KING CITY shows that it’s definitely a hit. It’s good to see Image developing a new generation of strong sellers. And as we keep mentioning, with graphic novel sales depressingly flat, new hits are definitely needed to get consumers excited about the category…outside THE WALKING DEAD of course.

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