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John Nee resigns from DC

Some excitement here at HeroesCon, as Dan DiDio couldn’t even go jogging without people wondering if he was losing his job. A cryptic Bad Signal from Warren Ellis referring to comics news fanned the flames:

If what I just heard is true, then it’s going to be a really interesting day in the comics news business.

If it is true, it’ll probably break on first, so curious parties might want to keep an eye on that during the day.

While rumors on the floor of the con were running to Didio, the story was the resignation of DC senior vice president of business development John Nee, which took place last week. Nee has been at DC since 1998, when he joined as part of DC’s acquisition of Wildstorm. At DC Nee has been responsible for such things as developing the Lego Batman game, the upcoming DC MMO, the CMX line and investing in the Flex technology for cell phones. In addition, Nee greatly expanded DC’s international publishing operations.

The reasons for Nee’s departure remain unconfirmed, but its short term effect on DC are likely to be less apparent than the long-term effects. As an experienced executive with a wide ranging interest in new technologies and business units, Nee certainly had a a large, if largely invisible to the general public, influence. As far as the future goes, the big question would be what areas Nee’s replacement is most well versed in.

Based on the two panels we attended at HeroesCon today, that area will probably be webcomics. Both the journalism panel and the state of the industry panel eventually morphed into discussions of webcomics and other effects of the internet era.

If nothing else, the news capped off what had to be considered a week of bad news and turmoil for DC.

[Above photo: from left: Nee, Gene Simmons, Paul Levitz and Bob Wayne.]

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