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Jock’s Batman Wedding Variant Is Super, Man

Jock’s Batman Wedding Variant Is Super, Man

DC Comics is pulling out the big guns for the Bat and Cat wedding in Batman #50. Many high profile artists from Jim Lee to Joe Jusko are providing their take on the Dark Knight’s upcoming nuptials to Catwoman. Not to be outdone, Jock’s variant cover for the celebratory issue borrows a page out of the Man of Steel’s playbook for an iconic look.

The cover sees Bruce Wayne ripping open the center of his tuxedo shirt to display his Batman symbol and costume underneath. The pose is a callback to Clark Kent shedding his civilian clothes before launching himself into the air as Superman.

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While Batman and Catwoman’s wedding could go off without a hitch, the odds of that happening remain slim. There’s the matter of Joker becoming aware of the wedding, and now looking to insert himself into the happy occasion. Batman: Prelude to the Wedding one-shots also see villains like Ra’s al Ghul, Hush, Riddler and Anarky causing chaos around Gotham City ahead of the big day.

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Written by Tom King and illustrated by Mikel Janin and a special array of artists including Mikel Janin, Jason Fabok, David Finch, Joelle Jones, Mitch Gerads, Batman #50 arrives in stores on July 4.

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