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Jim Lee Shoots Down Rumors of Another DC Reboot

Jim Lee Shoots Down Rumors of Another DC Reboot

It’s only been a few years since DC successfully relaunched its line of comics with DC Rebirth, yet already online rumors recently started suggesting that the publisher was eyeing another possible reboot or relaunch. Well, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee has just set the record straight on the gossip.

Yesterday on Twitter, Lee decided to let everyone know that these rumors were just that, rumors. “Rumors of reboots are ridiculous,” the Co-Publisher tweeted. “Just stop with the misinformation. Thanks and have a great weekend!”

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It’s unclear how and where the initial rumors of a reboot first surfaced, but it was clear right off the bat that there was little to back them up. DC Rebirth has been a tremendous success for the publisher, which has earned the approval of both fans and critics. What’s more, the ongoing release of Doomsday Clock, which will unfold over the next two years, is already set to be an event the rest of DC’s titles will sync up with in the future.

Finally, after the events of Dark Nights: Metal, the Justice League franchise is already going through a massive upheaval with the release of Justice League: No Justice, which will serve as a bold new start for the world’s greatest superheroes. Clearly, the future of DC’s titles is bright, with no need of a relaunch or reboot.

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Justice League: No Justice #1 is in stores now, and issue #2 hits shelves next Wednesday.

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