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Jason Todd Gets a New Costume in Red Hood and the Outlaws

Jason Todd Gets a New Costume in Red Hood and the Outlaws

Batman’s former apprentice, Jason Todd, will don a new costume in Red Hood and the Outlaws #26. The former Boy Wonder will stick to his red color motif for what looks like either a mask or helmet, but his brown jacket is being replaced by a red vest with a hoodie on top to mask his face.

Red tape can also be found on Jason’s forearms, along with black and red gloves. Also, the center of his shirt features what is most likely a Red Hood emblem, as the vigilante looks to distance himself from his mentor, Batman.

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The solicitation text for the September issue offers additional information on the drastic change to Red Hood’s crimefighting look. Bizarro and Artemis, Red Hood’s teammates in the Outlaws, will no longer be by his side. Issue #26 will also see Jason abandon Gotham City, with Batman no longer serving as his mentor.

The reason for these changes will remain a mystery for now, but you can find the solicitation text and covers for Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 below:


  • written by SCOTT LOBDELL
  • art and cover by PETE WOODS
  • variant cover by YASMINE PUTRI
  • Jason Todd’s about to take this vigilante game to a whole new level. His partners, Bizarro and Artemis? Gone! His mentor, Batman? Out! His base of operations, Gotham City? Abandoned. Cast out and alone, Red Hood embarks on a bold, brutal new mission, with a new costume, new weapons and a new plan to punish evildoers across the DCU. Plus, Pete Woods (JUSTICE LEAGUE) joins writer Scott Lobdell as this new era begins!
  • ON SALE 09.12.18
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T+
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
  • Please see the order form for details.

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