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IDW Teases New The Maxx Comics from Sam Kieth

IDW Teases New The Maxx Comics from Sam Kieth

idw publishing has released a tweet that seems to tease new the maxx material from the property’s comic book co-creator, sam kieth.

the publishing company, which recently reprinted a “remastered” version of the original 35-issue image comics run, posted the following teaser image that touts “the maxx returns,” with kieth’s name attached to the image along with new art boasting the series’ titular hero.

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kieth’s return to the maxx for brand-new stories would be shocking, considering the creator has previously indicated he’s told all the stories he’s wanted to tell featuring the character. regardless, it seems there’s new material on the way, which should delight fans of the original ’90s indie comic.

created by william messner-loebs (the flash) and sam kieth (sandman), the maxx ran for 35 issues from 1993-1998, and spawned an acclaimed mtv animated series that was heavily drawn from the source material, involving kieth’s collaboration and art in a major way. the remastered issues of the maxx, branded as the maxx: maxximized, are currently available as hardcovers from idw publishing.

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there’s no release date for the maxx returns, however, since it’s the 25th anniversary of the character we suspect this year will mark the character’s triumphant return.

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