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I’m a Marvel and you’re a slowpoke

Borys Kit picks on Warner Bros:

As Marvel embarks on transferring its universe of comics characters to the big screen, it is determined to succeed where DC Comics and its corporate sibling Warner Bros. have stumbled. But then, Marvel always has been one step ahead of DC.

Turns out that Marvel is not only tying together its comics into one vast universe,ut is now doing the same with its movies. Something Warners has yet to emulate:

Warners has successfully revived Batman with the help of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, but its Superman franchise, as if encountering Kryptonite, is struggling. Wonder Woman, under producer Joel Silver, can’t get her invisible jet off the ground. And the much-ballyhooed Justice League movie has lost steam: Bale had no intention of reprising Batman in that movie, and all the actors Warners had attached skewed young, making it almost a “Teen Titans” movie.

Here is the problem: Warners lets its filmmakers dictate what happens in its superhero movies. There’s not a hint of the existence of Gotham City in “Superman Returns,” for example, because Warners franchises have become filmmaker fiefdoms, where no one plays with each other. Worse, the filmmakers and executives take it upon themselves to make wholesale changes to DC’s mythology. Witness the fact that Superman has a kid!

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