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Hughes Shares One of His First Superman Drawings Ahead of Man of Steel #5

Hughes Shares One of His First Superman Drawings Ahead of Man of Steel #5

Superstar artist Adam Hughes has been preparing to draw Superman for a very long time…since 1974, it turns out!

Hughes, who teams with writer Brian Michael Bendis for this week’s Man of Steel #5, shared a childhood drawing he did of DC’s flagship superhero over four decades ago on his Twitter account. Even at approximately seven years old, Hughes’ drawing clearly captures the superheroic icon sporting his classic pose.

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The penultimate issue of Bendis’ six-issue weekly miniseries launching a new era for Superman has things looking grim for the Man of Tomorrow. Solicit info for the upcoming issue sees Clark Kent brought to his knees by his enigmatic new foe Rogol Zaar. In the meantime, Metropolis continues to be set ablaze by an unknown arsonist while the mystery surrounding Lois Lane and Jon Kent’s sudden disappearance thickens.

With 44 years of practice drawing Superman, DC’s flagship character is in good hands with Adam Hughes as Man of Steel approaches its explosive climax.

Man of Steel #5 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Adam Hughes, Jason Fabok, and Alex Sinclair. It is on sale on June 27 from DC Comics.

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