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Howard Cruse and foreign reprint woes

Over on his blog, Howard Cruse reveals that foreign reprints aren’t always a cake walk:

Which is more than I can say for Dolmen Editorial, La Cupula’s competitor, which licensed Stuck Rubber Baby years ago, produced as a beautiful a Spanish-language edition as any author could ask, boasted about the Saló del Còmic de Barcelona Award my book garnered, and then (according to a DC insider) allegedly sabotaged everything by being so recalcitrant and uncommunicative about the book’s sales figures that DC Comics ultimately rescinded the translation rights, leaving yet another of my books in limbo.

The same thing happened with the Italian collection called Happy Boys & Girls, whose publisher Coniglio Editore screwed the 2006 anthology’s six lesbian and gay contributors in one stroke with nary an apology or response to complaints. In that case it was not only “My Hypnotist” but my story “Dirty Old Lovers” and a bunch of Wendel strips that got stolen. As was true with the Spanish Stuck Rubber Baby, the book itself was nicely produced, which gives one mixed feelings as one nurses one’s wounds. It’s easy to imagine that at least a few copies of Happy Boys & Girls were purchased by innocent Italian readers who had no knowledge of Coniglio’s lack of ethics and assumed that the book’s contributors were being treated respectfully.

More in link.

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