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Home from Heroes

Note to self: Do not book travel in the late afternoon during the summer. The potential for thunderstorm-fueled delays is huge. Although we’d wanted to get home fresh and rested for Monday morning, instead, while everyone else was enjoying the legendary Heroes Con dead dog party at owner Shelton Drum’s store, we were sitting on the tarmac wondering if one of the massive bolts of lightning surrounding the area would strike our four-hour-delayed flight when it finally launched to the skies, sending us down just as quickly.

Another note: it really does pay to check flight status when you’re close to the airport. Instead of sitting in the airport fretting out the long delay, like poor Mike Dawson and Vito Del Sante, Future Mr. Beat and The Beat sat in the bar at the Westin watching the Euros and checking flight status on the JetBlue website thanks to the free wifi.

Sunday was petty quiet up until then. We had coffee with Tom Spurgeon and negotiated a non-aggression pact that should last for six months. Actually, it was really nice just to sit down and talk about all kinds of things — Tom is a capital guy.

Speaking of Tom, he has an exhaustive rundown of everything we would have noticed if we had more focus. So go there for your HeroesCon wrap-up.

Speaking of the wrap-up, one thing jumped out at us, this funny photo
with this caption:

* Tim Hodler of Comics Comics later told me that he tried to keep people from being able to read his disappointment if not slight dismay over the direction of the conversation during the journalism/criticism panel. On behalf of everyone in comics, I’d like to invite Mr. Hodler to attend poker night any time he wants.

I feel bad that Tim felt bad…I hope he reams us all a good one on his blog instead of feeling sad that he couldn’t get the other side heard.

We’ll have some more links and news analysis throughout the day. Big thanks to Shelton, Dustin, Doug and everyone else from HeroesCon — honestly, these guys are so nice and friendly and helpful it makes a street-savvy New Yorker feel like a cynical hater. It’s of of he reasons why HeroesCon continues to be such a popular stop on the convention circuit. We can’t wait to go back, although next time we’ll scope out some more butter-free dining options, if such a thing is possible in the South.

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