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Hollywood to San Diego: Don’t stink us up

This weekend the New York Times looked at Hollywood’s reliance on San Diego as a marketing toolm but it isn’t all good news:

For those planning to attend Comic-Con International, the giant comic-book and fantasy convention scheduled to begin on July 24 in San Diego, the event’s organizers have published some helpful hints. No. 21: “Please don’t smell bad.”
The Cannes Film Festival this is not.

The Con, as devotees like to call it, is disconcertingly large. Last year a capacity crowd of about 125,000 crammed into the San Diego Convention Center, while a ticketless 25,000 or so were left sweating in the hot sun. (The Sundance film festival, by contrast, draws 45,000, spread over 10 days.)

The article rounds up such misleading factoids as the following:

It is weird. The convention officially requires that model weapons remain holstered or sheathed.

And it is decidedly low-rent. No. 33 on the official tip sheet lists the grocery chain Ralph’s Market as an alternative to dining out. The Bio International Convention in San Diego, a gathering of the biotechnology industry, with one-sixth as many attendees, produces about double Comic-Con’s $41.5 million in economic impact on the city.

…which, we’ve all decided, is total malarkey spawned by a nerd-hating CVB. But whatever. One notable factoid from the story: Lionsgate will be sponsoring the Eisners this year.

Seriously, we know fans don’t like to bathe, but there are also stinky people at the Cannes Film Festival and we know this for a fact because we used to work with some of them.

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