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Heroes Con reports Heroes reports

Philip Looney on day 1:

All that business with Wizard World from a couple of years ago seemed to have only resulted in the con becoming stronger and better attended than before. It’s funny, because the couple of years prior the con seemed to be on a downward slope, but that is no longer the case. Once again, Friday (the slow day, mind you) had a long line to get in wrapped to the back of the convention hall and around.

Van Jensen on Day 1:

Sadly, everyone was so caught up in the rumormongering (which, so far, has turned out to be fluff) that they missed out on the panel of the weekend. The man behind the current greatest cartoon in the world, Cul de Sac, came down to talk about his strip and new collection. That’s Richard Thompson at right, the quiet genius of the comics world. What you can’t see is the massively empty hall in front of him. Fewer than 15 people were there, and that’s just a shame.

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Heroes reports
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