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Grey's Anatomy: The 10 Worst Things Derek Has Ever Done

Derek Shepherd is one of the most popular characters on Grey's Anatomy. Despite the fact he is no longer with us, given his death and Patrick Dempsey's departure, his legacy is still a memorable one. Fans of the series loved Derek, and they especially loved his relationship with Meredith.

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Their romance was one of the biggest plotlines for many years. Even when there were obstacles impeding them from being together, fans were invested in seeing whether or not they would find a happily ever after. However, Derek wasn't a perfect character. He has his fair share of detractors. Here are some of the worst things Derek has ever done.

10 Derek has a problem with cheating

Derek begins the series by cheating. He cheats on his wife, Addison, with Meredith. Yes, to be fair, Addison had already cheated on him, but instead of trying to fix his marriage, Derek just ran off and found a rebound with a new intern. Then he cheats on Addison again when they make an effort to repair their relationship.

He and Meredith make out at the hospital prom. When Meredith and Derek are figuring out their relationship in season four, Derek kisses Rose. Finally, Derek lets one of his interns in DC kiss him when he's married to Meredith. He has a track record for cheating and doesn't seem to care.

9 Derek doesn't take no for an answer

In the early days of Derek and Meredith's relationship, Derek doesn't respect Meredith's wishes. Maybe she didn't mean them, but the point is she repeatedly turned him down, and Derek was persistent in chasing her.

At one point, Meredith even called him out about "enjoying the chase" more than the idea of getting into a new relationship, and that could certainly be the case. He has a problem with listening to other people if they don't want the same things as he does.

8 Derek uses Richard's drinking problem against him

When Richard starts drinking again and is in a low spot, Derek isn't there for him the way he should be.

Instead of trying to offer Richard support or a shoulder to lean, Derek takes advantage of Richard's weakened state to swoop in and hijack his job. Derek puts a career above everything else, even at the cost of his friendships and relationships.

7 Doesn't tell Meredith he's married

Back to season one, it's bad enough that Derek is cheating on Addison the entire time he and Meredith are hooking up. But to make matters even worse, Meredith has no idea that Derek is still married.

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He could have told her and let her decided how she wanted to proceed. But Derek is notoriously selfish, and he instead allowed Meredith to be blindsided by Addison's arrival in Seattle at the end of season one.

6 He kicks Meredith's roommates out of the house

Izzie, George, and Alex moved into Meredith's home early on in the series. Many of the best scenes between the original MAGIC group took place at Meredith's mother's house. But when Derek plans to move into the home, he abruptly kicks out Meredith's roommates.

He doesn't even ask Meredith about this before doing so; he makes an offhand comment to them about the fact they'll be needing to move out. Even if that were ultimately going to be the case, Derek and Meredith should have at least discussed it first before Derek jumped the gun on a home that doesn't even belong to him.

5 He implies Meredith is sleeping around

One of Derek's worst and most notorious moments happens in the show's second season. By this point, Derek and Addison are attempting to give their relationship another chance. Meredith has moved on from Derek and has begun dating again. Derek is pissed when he finds this out as he still believes he has some misguided sense of ownership over Meredith despite the fact he is married.

He implies that Meredith sleeps around and has a lot in common with Alex because of this fact. Luckily, Meredith doesn't let his comments slide and ultimately calls him out for his misogynistic and downright cruel comments. Not to mention the fact they were unwarranted. Derek was attempting to have his cake and eat it too.

4 Derek often belittles Amelia

Looking back on the show, if you watch the scenes between Derek and Amelia, you'll notice a somewhat disturbing trend where Derek frequently belittles his younger sister. Derek has a god complex, a lot of surgeons do, but Derek can be particularly arrogant.

He often thinks he's better than others and that his skills are far more excellent than his siblings. In truth, Amelia is an incredibly capable neurosurgeon. Some might even consider her skills superior to Derek's. Either way, she didn't deserve the way he would often speak down to her and belittle her talents.

3 He used Rose to make Meredith jealous

Nurse Rose was one of the scrub nurses that Derek became involved with in season four. He kisses her at one point while he and Meredith aren't together and then they get into a relationship. But it's just a way for Derek to make Meredith jealous.

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He never had real feelings for Rose since he ultimately winds up breaking things off with her abruptly after he and Meredith decide to give their relationship another shot. He's pretty cold to her, and you can't blame her for being upset. Although she definitely shouldn't have stabbed him with a scalpel either.

2 He holds a lot of resentment towards Meredith

A frequent problem in Meredith and Derek's relationship is the idea Derek has that Meredith has held him back. He frequently brings up the fact Meredith keeps him from pursuing his career.

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Derek believes his job is more important than hers and even claims he gave up "everything" for her on multiple occasions. From the way he talks to his wife, you'd think she and their children were a humongous burden on Derek's life instead of what should be a source of happiness.

1 Derek throws Meredith's ring in the forest

In the fifth season, Derek grows depressed because he loses a pregnant patient during a trial and also recognizes his high body count. Derek then takes Meredith's engagement ring and, using a baseball bat, hits it out into the forest.

The act may come out of a place of his depression, but again, he puts unfair blame on Meredith. Hitting her ring out into the woods is a cruel act and intentionally meant to hurt her.

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