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George Tuska: 1916-2009

George Tuska
Veteran artist George Tuska has passed away at age 93. Tuska’s career spanned the Golden Age with work for the Iger/Eisner shop, Lev Gleason, Fox and the Harry “A” Chesler Studio. In the 60s he was best known for a long run on IRON MAN and later, a 16-year-stint on The World’s Greatest Superheroes Present Superman comic strip, ending in 1993.

With a solid, dynamic style, Tuska can truly be said to be one of the architects of the Marvel Universe — integrating influences from his more innovative peers, Tuska’s work boiled down the essence of ’60s and ’70s superheroes to its purest elements. While the Onion called it “flavorless,” it’s also basic. Look at the two covers below: clichés that have become archetypes.

Spurgeon and Evanier have more.

Tuska is survived by his wife of 61 years, Dorothy, three children and numerous grand and great-grandchildren.

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