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Genco and Makkonen announce BLUE

Elizabeth Genco, founding member of The Chemistry Set, sends us word of her first graphic novel, BLUE, which will be illustrated by Finnish artist Sami Makkonen and published by Desperado. It’s the tale of a young woman locked in the apartment of a long-lost boyfriend with the ghost of a young girl. “It’s a new take on Bluebeard, a fairy tale about a serial killer first written in 17th century France,” says Genco. “There are some crucial differences, of course. In the most popular version of tale, the young woman is saved at the last minute by her brothers, who ride in on thundering horses armed with big swords. Let’s just say that doesn’t happen here!”

BLUE will be published by Desperado Publishing and is featured in the May issue of PREVIEWS for a July release (order code: MAY083778). 80 pages, 6×9, full color, 9.99. News, reviews, sample pages and special extras can be found at the frequently updated BLUE blog,

And here are some preview pages (click for larger versions.)

Bluepage-31 Bluepage-30 Bluepage-29

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