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Game Of Thrones: What Arya Wants Gendry To Make

In the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, Arya asks Gendry to build her a weapon, one made of dragonglass - but what was the weapon in the drawing? Arya and Gendry are just two people who've met once again after many, many years. At one point, Gendry decided to stay with the Brotherhood Without Banners, while Arya ultimately chose to go to Braavos, and they've only reunited in Winterfell ahead of the coming Battle of Winterfell.

Of course, Arya has become quite the deadly assassin in the years since they last saw each other, while Gendry had gone back to being a blacksmith. But instead of constructing armor and swords for the Lannisters in King's Landing, Gendry is now arming the united armies of the North to defend the living against the dead. And so, it only makes sense that Arya would want to increase her stockpile of weapons by asking Gendry to make something for her. But just what exactly does Arya want Gendry to make?

Based on the designs of Arya's drawing, it appears that she wants Gendry to make her a dragonglass type of rocket launcher. Or, more accurately, a spear launcher. Having a dragonglass-based projectile weapon would be immensely helpful during the Battle of Winterfell. And Arya using Needle as well as her Valyrian steel dagger wouldn't be of much help, unless she was fighting in close-quarters. So, a spear launcher with arrows made of dragonglass would undoubtedly be useful for her.


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