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Game Of Thrones: The Most Powerful Families, Ranked

Game of Thrones is finally back and it feels so good. With only one episode down, there's already so much to take in with the show moving at a fast pace towards its end. The first episode helped to set up the conclusion while also calling back to the very start of the series. As we recall the very first episode, it's hard not to think about how much Westeros has changed over the years as the fight for power and the Iron Throne has left many dead.

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As all the characters begin to come together, it's apparent just how few great houses are left. In just the last season we've seen the Freys, the Tyrells and the Martells wiped off the map. With shaky alliances forming and a larger threat looming, it's hard to predict which family will come out on top. Here's the current power ranking of houses in Game of Thrones.

10 House Umber

House Umber has never been one of the most powerful houses in Westeros, but they are a prominent family of the North and have slowly gained more importance as the series went on. We were first introduced to Greatjon Umber, the head of the house who helped name Robb Stark King in the North. After Greatjon died, his son, Smalljon, rose to power and sided with the Boltons. Smalljon died in the Battle of the Bastards and so the seat of power went to young Ned Umber.

After Jon Snow pardoned House Umber, it looked like they might once again be a key Northern ally. Sadly, in the very first episode, House Umber is wiped out the White Walkers descended on their castle and killed them all, including Ned.

9 House Baratheon

House Baratheon has had a significant fall from grace over the years. When the series started, Robert Baratheon sat on the Iron Throne until he was killed by the Lannisters. Joffrey might have been a Baratheon in name only, but he kept the seat in the family while his uncles Stannis and Renly sought to take the throne for themselves. One by one the Baratheons died and their power in Westeros disappeared.

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Currently, Gendry is the only person still living who has Baratheon blood. Though a bastard and only a blacksmith, Gendry is fighting for Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. If either of them takes the Iron Throne, they could legitimize Gendry and House Baratheon could live once again.

8 House Tarly

Last season we saw House Tarly take a devastating blow as both Lord Randyll Tarly and his heir, Dickon Tarly were burned alive by Daenerys. Though Dickon is not the older Tarly, Randyll chose him as heir over his softer son, Sam and forced the latter to join the Night's Watch and abandon his birthright.

With the Wall destroyed, the Night's Watch may not even exist for much longer. If that is the case, Sam could rightfully inherit the seat of power in his home. Though Sam is not the warrior his father and brother are, he is highly intelligent and could help keep House Tarly as a house of power.

7 House Tully

House Tully is a bit of a mystery at this point. Though they were once the strong and respected lords of the Riverlands, the War of the Five Kings has devastated them. The current head of House Tully is Edmure, Catelyn Stark's brother who has been a captive of the Freys and Lannisters since the Red Wedding.

Thanks to Arya, the Freys are no more, but we still haven't heard anything about Edmure. Presumably, he is still a captive of the Lannisters, although it's a wonder where he is being held since Casterly Rock was abandoned. If he is freed by series end, perhaps he could work to restore his home to its former glory.

6 House Karstark

The Karstarks have had a very complicated relationship with the Starks over the course of the series. Though they are close allies and share some blood ties, the alliance was severely broken when Robb Stark beheaded Lord Rickard Karstark for murder. Since then, the Karstark abandoned the Starks and sided with the Boltons in the Battle of the Bastards.

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Similar to House Umber, the lord of House Karstark was killed in that battle and Jon pardoned the young heir, Alys Karstark. In the season premiere, we see Alys has become a close ally of the Starks and the relationship seems to be mending. If the North survives the coming war, they could once again be a key Northern house.

5 House Mormont

House Mormont should be counted as one of Westeros' most powerful houses for Lyanna Mormont alone. The young lady of House Mormont has proven to be one of the toughest leaders in the North and is certainly not afraid to let her opinion be known.

While Lyanna seems to have a strong hold on the seat of power, the original heir to House Mormont has just returned to the North. Jorah Mormont was Lord of House Mormont before going into exile. He is ashamed of abandoning his family so it's unlikely he'll fight young Lyanna for the title, but she could potentially bring him back in the fold which would be a great benefit for their house.

4 House Greyjoy

House Greyjoy has never been the most loving family in Westeros. Pretty much every member of the family has done some terrible things to each other, or tried to kill each other at different times. Now, the entire house is fractured with Euron Greyjoy commanding the Iron Fleet for Cersei and Yara Greyjoy fighting for Daenerys' cause.

In the premiere episode, Theon Greyjoy frees Yara from Euron and she makes plans to retake the Iron Islands in his absence. Both Euron and Yara hold significant power with their respective queens, giving their house the most power it's ever known. It would seem the outcome of the war will decide who rules House Greyjoy.

3 House Lannister

You really have to hand it to Cersei. House Lannister has been slowly falling apart for years, with several of its members dying and others completely abandoning the family. And yet, she has managed to keep it as one of the most powerful houses all by herself.

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Though Jaime and Tyrion have both abandoned her, leaving her the sole Lannister in King's Landing, she does now command the Golden Company which makes her a significant threat to everyone else -- even without the elephants she wanted. While the White Walkers march on Winterfell, you can bet Cersei is scheming how that coming conflict will benefit her.

2 House Stark

Not too long ago, it seemed like House Stark would never regain their former position of power. After the deaths of Ned and Robb, and the rest of the Starks scattered in various places, their time as a power player in Westeros seemed to be over. But those Starks are hard to kill and they've slowly clawed their way back, leaving behind many dead enemies.

However, there are still some questions about their future. Uncertainties, infighting, and the question of Jon's big reveal could spell a bright future for their the Starks, or it may be the end of their house.

1 House Targaryen

Any house that has full-grown dragons on their side is going to rank pretty high on this list. Though she has lost one dragon, Daenerys still commands the most dangerous household. She has proven that few enemies can stand in her way and live to tell the tale.

While House Targaryen is the most powerful house, like House Stark, the secret of Jon's parentage threatens everything. How will Daenerys react? Will Jon attempt to take the seat of power? How will they deal with their accidental incestuous relationship? Suddenly, the Night King doesn't seem like scariest thing out there.

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