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Game Of Thrones: 10 Most Underrated Characters

In a few short weeks, Game of Thrones, one of the biggest show in television history, will come to an end. The series has continued to grow year after year in terms of scale and spectacle. But despite the dragons, the White Walkers and the massive battle sequences, in the end, the show comes down to the characters we have grown to love.

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The show has given us the likes of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Arya Stark, who will go down through history as some of television's most iconic characters. And yet, with a cast this enormous, there are a lot of characters who don't get the attention they deserve. These amazing characters helped make the show what it is and we should give them their due. Here are Game of Thrones' most underrated characters.

10 Wun Wun

Wun Wun was first introduced in the epic Hardhome episode and immediately proved to be one of the most badass characters on the show. As the army of the dead attacked and everyone ran for their lives, the giant was dispatching the enemies with ease.

There was a definite awe to seeing a giant in action in these massive battle scenes. But the costly nature of the character is probably why we didn't see too much of him. Any army he was fighting for had an immediate advantage and it would have been great to see him kick butt in the final battle against the Night King's army.

9 Bryden ‘Blackfish’ Tully

It's fair to assume that you don't get a nickname like "The Blackfish" without being a total badass. Indeed, Bryden Tully does live up to the name by being a no-nonsense warrior who has remained intimidating despite his age.

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Though Edmure Tully is the lord of Riverrun, Bryden doesn't shy away from putting his nephew in his place when necessary. The legend around Blackfish grew even more when he managed to escape the Red Wedding and retake Riverrun from the Freys. Unfortunately, the show never gave him the chance to live up to that impressive reputation.

8 Stannis Baratheon

There's no denying that Stannis Baratheon is a hard man to like. He is humorless, cold and potentially the worst father in Westeros. But despite his glorious downfall, Stannis was once the most impressive contender for the throne during the War of the Five Kings.

Few kings would stand at the head of his army and lead them into battle the way Stannis does. He has demonstrated multiple times that he is one of the most skilled fighters in the realm, facing off against multiple enemies at once. And while he squandered all his goodwill, he was the only king who rode North to save the Wall.

7 Margaery Tyrell

Very few characters have been such a threat to Cersei Lannister as Margaery Tyrell. All she wanted was to be queen, and she succeeded not once but twice. She was an expert manipulator and one of the very best players of the game of thrones.

Margaery was such an effective foe to Cersei that it seemed a bit implausible that she could be taken out so easily. It seemed as though Margaery was too smart to fall for such schemes and the show just hastily decided to get rid of her. Still, she should be remembered as the person who stood toe-to-toe with Cersei and nearly won.

6 Rhaegal

It's hard to imagine taking a massive fire-breathing dragon for granted, but that has sadly been the case for poor Rhaegal. There's no doubt the dragons are a massive spectacle whenever they appear on the show, but Rhaegal is usually the one who is pushed to the sidelines.

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Despite being just as deadly and powerful as his brothers, Rhaegal doesn't get nearly the same attention. Drogon is the one Daenerys always rides into battle and even Viserion got to be changed into an ice dragon. Hopefully, the final season will give Rhaegal his due and possibly connect with some other important characters.

5 Ygritte

The world of Game of Thrones is not an easy one for women. They are treated as inferior and often subjected to terrible violence. But Ygritte quickly showed she was not going to put up with such a world. The red-headed Wildling was one of the toughest characters on the show, not letting her male peers think for a second they were better than her.

Ygritte was also a highly skilled warrior and the deadliest archer around. And even though she was a total badass, she also managed to break our hearts with the show's best romance between Ygritte and Jon Snow. It helped that stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington seemed to have natural chemistry.

4 Beric Dondarrion

In any other series, Beric Dondarrion would be the star of the show. There is just no end to how cool this character is and yet he remains a supporting character in the overall story.

Dondarrion is the Westerosi version of Robin Hood. He follows no king and, instead, leads the Brotherhood without Banners in protecting the smallfolk of the kingdom from the horrors of war. He has also been killed and resurrected half a dozen times which is a pretty cool trick. And if that wasn't enough, he wears an eye-patch and wields a flaming sword.

3 Jorah Mormont

From the beginning of the show, Jorah Mormont has served as the loyal right-hand to Daenerys Targaryen in her quest to the Iron Throne. He is often the butt of jokes about his unrequited love for his queen and he is often seen as a second-fiddle of sorts. However, throughout the years Jorah has proven to be one of the toughest characters around.

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In all honesty, he should have died a long time ago but his sense of duty to Daenerys always pushes him through the deadliest of situations. He is also not given enough credit as a fighter even though he has won several single-combat fights.

2 Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark is undoubtedly the heart of House Stark. Family has been such an important part of the Stark's identity and no one exhibited that more than Catelyn. Some people might have been put off by some of the decisions she made for her family, but those tough calls and sacrifices only made her more admirable in a world lacking admirable people.

Catelyn would often be seen standing behind male leaders, but behind closed doors, she was a trusted and necessary voice of reason and counsel. Her desperate attempt to save her son at the Red Wedding remains one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show, and fans are still wondering if she might appear again.

1 Varys

It's easy to forget what an epic journey Varys has gone on. He was a slave, he was mutilated by a sorcerer, he managed to stay alive, built his own network of spies and eventually found himself on the small council of the king of Westeros. And that's all before the show even began.

Varys is not only a great player of the game of thrones, he is also a manipulator of the game. Despite keeping a low profile most of the time, Varys has helped influence so many of the biggest events on the show. And unlike most players of the game, Varys is not after power, but rather peace for the people of the realm.

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