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Game Of Thrones: 10 Funniest Characters

The world of Game of Thrones can be a pretty bleak one. There is constant war, threat of White Walkers invading and even the weddings aren't safe. With things always seeming so dark, it can be really nice to add a bit of humor every now and then. The show does a wonderful job balancing the violence hopelessness with some genuine laugh out loud moments.

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There are a handful of characters who are usually the ones responsible for most of the comedy in the show. Whether they are comic relief supporting players or lead characters who know how to throw out a one-liner, these humorous folks really help to add a light touch among all the backstabbing and bloodshed. Here are the funniest characters from Game of Thrones.

10 Hot Pie

Hot Pie is an instantly humorous character simply because of how he interacts with the insane world around him. Even though he has witnessed torture and carnage firsthand, he seems quite oblivious to how terrible life is in Westeros.

Once Hot Pie finds his calling as a baker in a small inn, he seems to lose every other care in the world. War is raging on the outside, but all that Hot Pie wants to talk about is his delicate cooking process. He annoys everyone he comes across but fails to notice as he's caught up in his own pie-filled world.

9 Davos Seaworth

Davos Seaworth certainly has a knack for allying himself with the most serious of people. First, he was the trusty right-hand to Stannis Baratheon before becoming Jon Snow's loyal companion. Those two are not exactly the most lively of folks, so it's a miracle Davos managed to keep his sense of humor intact.

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Davos has a real talent for remaining light-hearted and joking even in the most dire of circumstances. He's like a favorite uncle who always has a joke at the ready. It also helps that actor Liam Cunningham has impeccable comedic timing.

8 Samwell

As soon as Samwell Tarly showed up at Castle Black, he was one of those characters you couldn't help but laugh at because of how out of place he was. He was lovably pathetic as he tried to fit in with the killers and warriors. While Sam became a more competent member of the Night's Watch, he still kept his awkward humor.

Sam is brave when lives are on the line, but when it comes to interactions with others, especially girls, he is a timid little boy. Sam is also one of those characters who finds himself in the most degrading situations. He suffers for our amusement.

7 Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy was introduced as a bit of a dull character. He was loud and obnoxious but not very interesting. When he returned last season, the show seemed to recognize their mistake and decided to make Euron the most over-the-top man in Westeros.

Euron is like a walking internet troll, trying to provoke people with every comment out of his mouth. He is also a hilariously immature man, resorting to vulgar adolescent insults most of the time. He's a guy you love to hate but when he starts pestering people it's hard not to enjoy.

6 Arya Stark

Given some of the things she's done recently on the show, it's easy to forget that Arya Stark started out as a small, precocious young girl. She always had a hard edge to her and that helped provide some of her funniest moments as this little girl with major attitude.

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Arya was never afraid to get in the face of anyone and push them around. Her interactions with The Hound were especially funny as they both seemed to have the same low tolerance for stupidity. Now that she's a cold-blooded killer, we sadly don't see much of funny Arya anymore.

5 Tormund Giantsbane

It's hard not to laugh just looking at Tormund Giantsbane. With his wild red hair, great big bushy beard, and the eyes of a mad man, he is instantly funny. Of course, once he opens his mouth you realize just how crazy he is.

Living Beyond the Wall must do things to your brain because Tormud is a totally unhinged man. It's great fun seeing every new person who interacts with him react to his insanity. But the real laughs come from Tormund's obsession with Brienne of Tarth. Seeing him make eyes at her are among the show's biggest laughs.

4 Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell seems like one of those people who, after living a long life, now goes through life without any filter whatsoever. Then again, it's easy to imagine that she has always been so blunt. She is obviously a highly intelligent person and has immense fun toying with people dumber than her -- which is mostly everybody.

Olenna has perhaps the sharpest tongue in Westeros, always ready with a biting and hilarious comeback. She had verbal sparring sessions with the likes of Tyrion, Cersei, and Varys and came out unscathed. It's always a treat to watch one of her vicious take-downs.

3 Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane

Despite being one of the most deadly people in Westeros, Sandor "The Hound" Clegane is a really funny guy. While he started the series as a more tragic and dark character, the show has really leaned into his comedic side to the point that he is pretty much just a walking one-liner machine. That might make him less interesting, but he does provide a lot of laughs.

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Where The Hound's humor comes from is his total contempt for the world around him. He has no patience for anyone else and will not hesitate to throw out insults at any moment. He is unimpressed with everyone around with and his grumpy nature is the source of endless hilarious quotes.

2 Bronn

It seems one of the key characteristics for being funny on Game of Thrones is not caring at all. Bronn certainly fits into that category and his lack of filter is also entertaining. He has no problem being the bad guy and that leads him to say whatever happens to be on his mind.

He is blunt and says what others are thinking, even if there is a good reason why they aren't saying it. Bronn is also one of those characters that can be funny interacting with various different characters. He started out as Tyrion's funny best friend before partnering with Jaime without missing a beat.

1 Tyrion Lannister

There is a very good chance that Game of Thrones would never have been the success it is today if not for the comedy of Tyrion Lannister. Along with being a well-rounded and fascinating character, he was also the show's much-needed comic relief in the first seasons.

What makes Tyrion such a funny character is how versatile his humor is. He has the same highly intelligent humor as Olenna. He knows when to break out the perfect insult to those who need insulting. He can be self-deprecating with his humor. He can be self-aggrandizing with his humor. And he is also a hilarious drunk. No character has given us as many hilarious quotes as Tyrion Lannister.

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