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Friends of Lulu Awards — NOMINATE

As mentioned here before, nominations for the 2008 Lulu Awards are open. Anyone can nominate. These are the categories:

The Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame nominees must have published work, whether self-published, company-published, or Web-published. An individual cannot win more than once.

Women of Distinction nominees must have worked in the comic industry in a non-creator role, such as editing, publishing, reporting, or retail.

The Lulu of the Year Award honors the creator(s), book or other project whose work best exemplifies Friends of Lulu’s mission.

The Kim Yale Award nominees must have published work, whether self-published, company-published, or Web-published. Nominees must be nominated for this category within three years of their first published work. An individual may not be nominated more than twice, and cannot win more than once. The award is named for comics writer Kim Yale, a founding Lulu member who passed away in 1997.

Come on peeps, let’s get the best people for the job recognized for their efforts. Suggest possible nominees in the comments.

For Hall of Fame, previous winners include:
Rumiko Takahashi, Lynda Barry, Wendy Pini, Marge Henderson Buell, Marie Severin, Dale Messick, Ramona Fradon, Trina Robbins and Hilda Terry.
Who is left to nominate? LOTS OF PEOPLE!
Moto Hagio
Kanako Inuki
Machiko Hasegawa
Rose O’Neill
Nell Brinkley
Tarpe Mills
Lilly Renée
Dori Seda
Aline Kominsky Crumb
..okay that’s just for a start.

The Kim Yale award is a bit harder to parse because tehre are SO many young women coming up and blowing the doors off. I haven’t even made up my mind, but a couple of examples:

Julia Wertz
Sarah Oleksyk
Laura Park

Lulu of the Year?
Hard not to start with Rutu Modan and Marjane Satrapi.

More ideas?

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