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Dragon Ball: 20 Weirdest Things About Trunks’ Anatomy

Trunks is definitely one of the most interesting characters in Dragon Ball Z. He consistently ranks among the top fan favorites, and it's no wonder why. There's no way around it - Trunks is just plain cool. Where do we even begin? he's a time traveling, half-alien guy with an awesome jacket and purple hair. On top of all that, he carries around a sword.

When he arrived on the scene during the Android saga, it was clear that we weren't dealing with an average supporting character. Over the course of the entire series, he's been involved in all kinds of different crazy situations. We've learned a lot about Trunks, and we can always depend on him to give his all in the fight against evil. At first glance, Trunks looks just like any other human, but under the surface, there are all kinds of strange facts regarding his unique anatomy. He's definitely not like any other person on Earth, and that's in part thanks to his unique mixture of Saiyan and human genes.

There's something about Trunks that makes him stand out, even when compared to other half Saiyans, such as Gohan or Goten. His father and his mother are definitely not ordinary people, and Bulma's intelligence mixed with Vegeta's power is an awesome combo. In many ways, what makes Trunks unique doesn't have anything to do with his lineage. Trunks stands out becomes of the things he does in his own life.

Here are 20 Weirdest Things About Trunks’ Anatomy.

20 He Inherited His Hair From Dr. Briefs

Trunks' hair is the subject of much debate throughout the series, and there's a number of reasons why. It's clear that his brightly colored hair isn't exactly a normal trait, but then again, the entire world of Dragon Ball Z isn't exactly normal. Trunks' hair is actually a trait from his human side of the family, as Bulma's family members all seem to share brightly-colored hair of some kind.

While many people assume that Trunks' hair is passed down from Bulma, this isn't exactly the case. If we look closely, his hair is actually closer in shade to his grandfather, Dr. Briefs. It seems that this intelligent scientist has passed down his light blue hair to his grandson.

19 He's A Genius, Just Like Bulma

One thing that Trunks definitely got from his mother is her brains. Again, this is something that was also passed down by his grandfather, Dr. Briefs. His intelligence is a big part of who he is, and how he chooses to fight. He seems to have an almost instinctual knowledge of mechanics and scientific concepts, although being around his brainy mother definitely helped in that regard as well.

There are those that say that Bulma's family contains the most intelligent humans on the face of the Earth.

If this is true, then Trunks is truly a perfect mixture between Saiyan and human bloodlines. We'll get into this in more detail later, but it's interesting to note that Trunks has the physical superiority of a Saiyan warrior mixed with the intellectual capability of Earth's smartest human genes.

18 He Has The Eyes Of A Villain

What did Trunks inherit from his father? If you want to know the answer, all you need to do is look into the eyes of this half-Saiyan warrior. Yes, Trunks has his father's eyes, and they are every bit as cold and menacing. This is a stark contrast to many of the other characters in the series, who appear to have rounder, more friendly eyes. Goku and Gohan are two prime examples.

While Trunks is certainly not a villain, he does take after his father in many respects, and we all know that Vegeta was one of the series' most brutal villains. Akira Toriyama purposely drew Trunks to have the eyes of a villain. This set him apart from the other heroes in the series, and gave him an "edgy" vibe that many people were drawn to.

17 Trunks Is Stronger Than Vegeta (In The Cell Saga)

We all know that Trunks and Vegeta have a somewhat complicated father-son relationship at times. It started off pretty rough, and even in the present, they sometimes don't see eye to eye. This is made all the more difficult when we consider Vegeta's competitive streak, and the fact that Trunks is actually inherently stronger than his own father.

While Trunks might be stronger, he's not necessarily a better fighter.

This was made clear during the Cell Saga, when Trunks powered up to Super Saiyan 3 - a feat Vegeta was incapable of. His raw strength skyrocketed far beyond his father's, but his speed and agility suffered. Because of this, he remained a less effective fighter than his father, who could only reach Super Saiyan 2.

16 Bulma Thought Trunks Was Attractive When She First Met Him

We all know that Trunks is quite a handsome devil, and a lot of fans often comment on how he's one of the best-looking male characters. That can be an advantage, but it can definitely lead some some strange situations. One of the weirdest moments in DBZ was when Bulma started flirting with Trunks when he first appeared. She had no idea that Trunks was actually her son.

It was very awkward and embarrassing for all parties concerned!

Bulma shouldn't feel too bad, as it's actually pretty understandable. Bulma was probably just attracted to certain physical traits that she herself has. This is a common occurrence in every day life, where we're more likely to fall for people who look similar to us. And we all know that Trunks has great genes!

15 His Strange Failed Fusions With Goten

Trunks has experienced quite a few failures in his life, much like many of the other Z-Fighters. These failures were massive, life-altering, and sometimes just strange. A great example can be found during the Buu saga, when Goten and Trunks attempt to execute a fusion dance. The first few times they try this, they fail pretty spectacularly. It was the first time we saw a proper fusion dance in action, and the results were not what we were expecting.

First, the Gotenks that was created by the fusion was rotund, lazy, and ineffective. They tried again, but this time they created a Gotenks that was skinny and weak. This was due to slight mistakes in the fusion dance, and eventually they got it right, but it showed how weird things can get when fusion dances are done incorrectly.

14 He Was Able To Go Super Saiyan At An Incredibly Young Age

The fact that he was able to reach the level of Super Saiyan at the age of about 8 is almost inconceivable. Just think back to the Namek saga, and how hard it was for Goku to reach this awesome power in his fight against Frieza. It was something that we thought was just a myth.

When Goku managed to reach this level, we thought that it was a once in a lifetime thing.

The fact that Trunks is able to go Super Saiyan at such a young age says a lot about his inherent abilities. His own father, Vegeta, was only able to reach this level much later in life. What kind of power levels will Trunks be able to reach when he reaches his father's age? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure - he's got enormous potential.

13 His Hair Changes Color

We touched on this earlier, but it really deserves its own entry. Trunks' hair is completely inconsistent. Even the most casual fan of Dragon Ball Z can see this. Sometimes it's blue, sometimes it's a light purple, and sometimes it's a shade in between. There's no real explanation for the random nature of Trunks' hair, and a lot of it comes down to human error.

The original manga depicted Trunks as having purple hair to match Bulma's hair, which was also purple in the manga. In the anime, Bulma's hair was changed to a green tone, which meant that Trunks' hair should've also been changed. But the animators stuck with purple. Later, Bulma's hair was changed to blue, and Trunks' hair was altered to match. To make it even more confusing, at one point, Future Trunks and Kid Trunks actually have different hair colors in the same anime!

12 He's based on John Connor from Terminator

It's no secret that Akirya Toriyama was inspired by many different things when he created Dragon Ball Z. Some are more traditional stories and ancient myths. Other inspirations are very modern, including Hollywood movies that were popular at the time.

The Cell Saga shows some very clear similarities to the Terminator movies, especially when we consider the use of time travel and androids.

One of the Dragon Ball Z characters that was most inspired by the Terminator series is Trunks. Many have commented on how similar John Connor is to Trunks, especially when it comes to the hair and his youthful character. The only big difference is that John Connor does not use a time machine as a young boy.

11 He Wasn't Born With A Tail

Another strange thing about Trunks' anatomy is that he wasn't born with a tail. This was slightly surprising to fans of Dragon Ball Z, because Gohan had been born with a tail, and he was a half-Saiyan hybrid as well. So what gives? Apparently, this is because having a tail is actually a recessive trait. Saiyan hybrids aren't usually born with tails, so Gohan was a bit of a rarity. Still, at the time there was no real explanation for this.

Perhaps a better explanation is actually a much simpler one. Fans theorize that Akira Toriyama simply didn't want to draw tails on his characters anymore. He had become unsatisfied with the concept, and decided to focus on creating more human-looking characters. This makes a lot of sense, and it tells us why Goku and Vegeta's tails never grow back.

10 Vegeta hated Trunks' hybrid nature

Trunks' half-Saiyan lineage caused his relationship with his father to become extremely strained early on. It's no secret that Vegeta didn't like the idea of creating half-human children, and this was the case very early on in the series. When he and Nappa land on Earth, his hulking sidekick actually suggests creating an entire army of half-human hybrids. Vegeta immediately shoots this idea down, stating that creating Saiyan hybrids is a dishonorable thing, implying that is a taboo in Saiyan culture somehow.

Perhaps Vegeta didn't like the idea of Saiyan hybrids because he knew they would have the potential for incredible power.

Maybe he was worried about creating a powerful being he could not control. In any case, when Trunks was born, he viewed his son as a blemish on his proud name.

9 He's Much Older Than He Looks

Another strange thing about Trunks' anatomy is that he seems to be blessed with eternal youth. This might be something that he inherited from his father, as Vegeta also does not seem to age. It's probably down to his Saiyan heritage, as they all seem to age very slowly. Furthermore, there have been suggestions that half-Saiyans retain their youthful appearance for longer than even pure-blooded Saiyans, which could explain things even better.

The strangest example of this is in Dragon Ball Super, when Trunks appears on Earth yet again. This time, he's been away for many years, and he's lived many years of his life. If we do the math, Trunks is supposed to be in his thirties when he reappears during Dragon Ball Super. Strangely, he still looks very young - almost like he's his mid-teens.

8 He Fought Himself

In Dragon Ball Super it was pretty weird that Kid Trunks and Future Trunks were actually existing in the same time and space was pretty weird. Some would say that such a thing is completely impossible. There are theories that traveling back in time and interacting with yourself would cause a rift in the space/time continuum, ripping a hole through the very fabric of reality itself.

One of the strangest things about Trunks' body is that it's able to exist in two places at once.

Not only did Trunks interact with his younger self - he also fought with himself. This was one of the strangest things that ever happened in the series, but it was also extremely entertaining. The person who ended up getting taught a lesson wasn't kid Trunks, but Future Trunks instead!

7 His Pupils Disappear When He Is Extremely Angry

Even though we've already discussed how Trunks gets his eyes from his father, there's more to this story. Yes, they are shaped in a much more angular and sharp way, and eem to be extremely villainous in appearance. Even more importantly, Trunks' eyes undergo very interesting changes when he becomes angry. When Trunks gets overcome by fiery rage, his pupils completely disappear, leaving only a white surface. This illustrates the fact that Trunks has completely "lost it," and he's going totally berserk.

Once again, this is something he seemingly gets from his father. We've seen Vegeta become enraged in a similar way before, especially on planet Namek. Vegeta's eyes also lose their pupils, and become wholly white as he enters a savage state of destruction.

6 Because Of His Human Blood, He Doesn't Like Combat

Much of Trunks' unique physiology and biology is due to his half-Saiyan, half-human heritage. This fusion of the two species creates some very interesting people, and Trunks is a prime example of that. In many ways, we can say that humans and Saiyans couldn't be more different. Saiyans are born warriors and bloodthirsty fighters. Humans, on the other hand, are mostly peaceful, andmore likely to resolve conflicts through non-violent means.

Although half-Saiyans have the potential for extremely high levels of power, they also have a softer side due to their human blood.

This is the main reason why Trunks is not as enthusiastic about violence and fighting as his father, or even Goku. We've seen many instances where Trunks is reluctant to fight, despite his devastating power and potential.

5 He Can Hypnotize People With His Dance Moves

One of the more hilarious things about Trunks is that he knows the Para Para Boogie, which he learned during the events of Dragon Ball GT. He definitely knows the steps to this dance, as he was forced into copying the movies of the Para brothers. Many of the fans might have forgotten this moment, but it's definitely a lighthearted break from some of the other, darker moments in the series.

Many of the fans might not actually be aware that Trunks actually knows the steps, which means he can potentially hypnotize other people in the same way as the Para Para brothers. Those with a keen eye will know that Trunks has busted out some dance moves before in various other episodes. There was one moment when Trunks was trying to create an evil containment field around Zamasu. He didn't know the correct procedure, so he was reduced to trying out different poses that looked like they were from the Ginyu Force!

4 Why Trunks Is A "Child Prodigy"

There is actually some pretty deep lore surrounding half-Saiyan hybrids. According to various sources on Reddit and other online resources, half-Saiyans born without a tail are actually much stronger than any other type of Saiyan. These children are known as "Child Prodigies," Saiyans that were born with incredible potential and power, as well as increased intelligence and other skills received from their human lineage.

Interestingly, it seems that the fact that Goten and Trunks were born without tails makes them part of a rare form of Saiyan that is capable of extreme power. This is according to the Daizenshuu data books, which were supplemental guide to the Dragon Ball Z series.

3 Humans And Saiyans Should Not Be Able To Produce Fertile Offspring Like Trunks

How logical is a half-Saiyan hybrid, anyway? Let's not forget that these are two completely different species, separated by vast stretches of space. Planet Vegeta probably had different atmospheric conditions, and perhaps even different molecular structure of basic life forms. So how on Earth are these two species able to produce fertile offspring? Perhaps on each planet, life forms inevitably reach an appearance that is similar to humanity. Bipedal motion and a large brain are two things that would help any advanced species.

We know that donkeys and horses can create offspring, but they won't be fertile.

Logically, humans and Saiyans shouldn't be able to have children. Perhaps there's something that we don't know about Saiyans and humans. Maybe both species actually have some common ancestor-- perhaps an ancient space-faring civilization that visited both Earth and planet Vegeta?

2 Trunks Has His Own Unique Form

Known as Super Saiyan Rage, this is Trunks' very own, unique powered-up form. He attains this form when he is overcome by rage, and it's actually an improved version of Super Saiyan 2.

The form seems to have attributes of Super Saiyan Blue, as Trunks' aura is a mixture of gold and blue.

When Trunks attains this form, his pupils disappear from his eyes as he is overcome by rage. The power of this form is quite impressive, and Trunks is able to hold off Goku Black Rose and Zamasu simultaneously, which is no easy feat. Time will tell just how far Trunks' abilities take him. Is this the beginning of a completely new form, separate from Super Saiyan Blue and its other variants? Will Trunks become more powerful than Vegeta and Goku in the future? He definitely has tons of potential.

1 Future Trunks Has Healing Abilities

We all know that Trunks has seen a lot of terrible things during his time, and he's seen more than a few of his friends fall. He's definitely someone who tries his best to ensure the safety of his friends and loved ones, and that's why he's such an admirable character. Although Trunks mostly tries to save and protect his friends by fighting, he actually has another interesting power that can help others.

That's right, Trunks actually has healing powers. This is another example of Trunks' strange anatomy, and that the fact that he has tons of interesting abilities up his sleeves. He learned these powers from Future Shin, as part of a long ceremony that officially made him a disciple of the Supreme Kai.


Did we miss any strange details about Trunks' body in Dragon Ball? Let us know in the comments!

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