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“Disturbed comic fan” stabbing rampage

Capt.Cps.Mrc01.090608150500.Photo01.Photo.Default-384X512A crazed truck driver went on a gruesome rampage Sunday in Tokyo’s nerd-friendly Akihabara district, killing seven people. The horrible incident has received international attention, but the killer’s otaku-tendencies have not gone unnoticed as this Yahoo photo caption shows:

A disturbed comic-book fan who killed seven people on a stabbing frenzy in downtown Tokyo

From the main story:

As stunned mourners placed flowers, sweets and comic-book images at a makeshift shrine, new details emerged of how he kept a detailed log of his plans to wreak havoc in Akihabara, the hub of Tokyo’s comic-book subculture.

The assailant behind Japan’s deadliest crime in seven years, 25-year-old Tomohiro Kato, is a graduate of a prestigious high school who went on to do manual work at an auto components factory, reports said.

Above, the alleged killer is hauled away by police.

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