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DC’s Killing Joke, Mad Love & Court of Owls Are Getting Novelizations

DC’s Killing Joke, Mad Love & Court of Owls Are Getting Novelizations

Three iconic DC comic storylines are making the jump to another medium, with novelizations of Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: The Court of Owls and Harley Quinn: Mad Love.

Entertainment Weekly reports the three titles will arrive in stores beginning this fall from Titan Books, with new covers that can be seen below.

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The rollout begins Sept. 25 with the adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s influential 1988 one-shot The Killing Joke, from Christa Faust and Gary Phillips. The story not only provides an origin for The Joker while drawing comparisons and contrasts between Batman and his arch-nemesis, and depicts the shooting and paralysis of Barbara Gordon.


Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s 2011-2012 arc “The Court of Owls” already influenced Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight and the animated Batman vs. Robin, but now its tale of a secret society that’s existed in Gotham City for centuries will receive a novelization by Greg Cox in Nov. 13.

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Finally, Mad Love will adapt Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s 1994 one-shot that details how Dr. Harleen Quinzel fell in love with the villainous Joker. Representing one of the most twisted relationships the industry, Dini and Timm brought Quinn to life from Batman: The Animated Series and gave her her very own comic book backstory. This time, it’s Dini and Hugo Award-winning author Pad Cadigan who tell the tale in a novel released Feb. 12, 2019, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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