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DC No Longer Offering Digital Codes on All Monthly Titles

DC No Longer Offering Digital Codes on All Monthly Titles

As of this week’s releases, DC no longer offers complimentary digital codes for all of its $3.99 issues.

The publisher introduced the download codes in April 2017, which coincided with a price increase for 15 of its Rebirth titles, from $2.99 to $3.99. But now the codes, which granted customers access to a digital copy of the physical comic they purchased, have vanished from most of those books, reportedly without notice to retailers. However, the $3.99 cover price remains the same.

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The codes have not been completely expunged, though. DC says free digital copies will continue to be included with physical versions of first issues, select event comics, annuals and some other special issues. The specific titles have not been confirmed, however. That means the status of some major upcoming series, such as Brian Michael Bendis’s Superman titles, Justice League: No Justice, is in question.

At the same time this has happened, Newsarama also reports that DC Nation #0 is available for free on comiXology, although brick-and-mortar stories received the book at a suggested price of 25 cents. Although retailers paid 13 cents for each book, some plan to give it away Saturday for Free Comic Book Day to encourage more purchases.

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