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DC Basically Ignores The Death of Wally West (Again)

Warning: SPOILERS for Green Arrow #45 and Titans #27

The Flash is dead, but DC Comics doesn't seem to care (again). Of course the most famous Flash, Barry Allen, is still alive - it’s his nephew and one-time successor Wally West who has gone to superhero heaven.

He wasn't the first, but Wally claimed, and warned the title of The Flash when Barry Allen died. After the New 52 reboot though, Wally was forgotten, being neither mentioned nor even hinted at existing. Wally's return in DC Rebirth changed the course of the whole universe... which makes it even stranger that with DC’s newest event Heroes in Crisis began by killing off Wally, no one seems to be acknowledging it.

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Comic book continuity is always tricky to decipher. Just because certain stories are being released at the same time doesn't necessarily mean they're occurring at the same time. Heroes in Crisis is the most recent comic book event, but not every DC series has had a crossover issue with Heroes in Crisis - or will have one in the future. However, some issues have now been released explicitly set in the aftermath of Sally's death in its aftermath. In none of them has the death of Wally West been discussed.

While Wally is perhaps the most meaningful death for longtime fans in Heroes in Crisis he wasn't the only casualty. A whole houseful of heroes perished, including Green Arrow's former sidekick Roy Harper. When it comes to Roy's demise, DC has gone above and beyond. The entirety of Green Arrow #45 takes place at Roy's funeral and explores his relationship with the entire superhero community. Titans #27 even opens on that same funeral with Roy's longtime love interest Donna Troy mourning his loss.

In both examples, it would have been easy - and expected - to drop a mention of Wally. Roy and Wally died in the exact same event, their bodies were found side-by-side, and most important of all, they were long time friends and teammates as founding members of the Teen Titans. Green Arrow #45 focusing on Roy makes sense as that is a series primarily about Green Arrow, but there's no excuse for Titans to not at least mention Wally. Titans #27 even spends more time on Nightwing being shot and not dying than it does on Wally West's demise.

The most egregious example? The Flash series has done nothing to comment on Wally or Heroes in Crisis whatsoever. The Flash comic is currently in the midst of a very large arc concerning the mysteries of the Speed Force, and doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. The solicits of the foreseeable future describe Barry's quest to get to the bottom of the Speed Force mystery and a just announced upcoming arc for next year, The Flash: Year One. Even in The Flash, there's no room for Wally West.

DC must have a reason for ignoring Wally's situation, but without any hint as to why, the only answer is that even by superhero standards, Wally's death isn't going to last. Whether it's time travel that brings Wally West back to life or some other means, Wally will presumably return to the land of the living sooner rather than later. What other reason could there be for DC to not bother with a tribute issue for Wally West?

The same probably can't be said of other heroes who met their end in the first issue of Heroes in Crisis. Roy Harper is likely looking at a long road to (probable and eventual) resurrection. DC Comics just brought Wally West back, and with so many story threads hanging, it seems The Flash won't be out of the race for very long.

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