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Chuck Dixon and the DCU — UPDATED

UPDATE: Well well well. The Diamond figures for the month are out, and Secret Invasion #2 came in at #1 with Final Crisis #1 coming in at #2. We can’t imagine anyone at DC is very happy about that.

The recent departure of Chuck Dixon as a writer at DC has spawned a cottage industry of speculation, but Dixon himself spoke out on The Dixonverse:

Just to counter some nonsense I’ve seen “reported” on other sites.
I did not quit.
I do not believe it had anything to do with politics.
My involvement with Robin ends with issue 174.
I think my BATO run is over with #10.
My Booster two-parter will still be appearing.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, Storming Paradise continues on schedule.
For those keep score, yes, I was way ahead on both of my monthlies. Down the road perhaps I’ll offer those scripts and you folks can help out Books for Soldiers as you so generously have before.

Presumabely the “politics” above refers to Dixon’s generally conservative leanings, whch have sometimes gotten him some hear. However, a long, well-written post by Greg Hatcher speculating on various recent DCU editorial gaffes draws much speculations from fans, and even a few comments from Dixon himself:

Don’t blame my editors.
DC, currently, is run from the top down in a way that makes Jim Shooter’s aegis at Marvel look like a hippie commune.

Oh snap! Dixon continues on with several comments in this vein, closing with:

I’ve worked under tyrants and I can say that I’d prefer to work under a talented, knowledgeable tyrant with a successful plan than a directionless gladhander with a ouija board any day of the week.

Rumors that the state of DCU editorial resembles something out of a Smiths song are pretty much common knowledge these days. So much so that the upcoming Ambush Bug mini even makes fun of the rumors as shown in an upcoming DC Nation editorial page (above, click for larger version, and on link for the whole thing.) Speculating on potential replacements for Dan DiDio are a common pass time around town: A recent column by Todd Allen even ran down a scorecard for candidates:

You may have heard rumblings that DC is in the market for a new Executive Editor. Dan DiDio’s contract is up this year, and its common knowledge on the street that DC has been looking for a replacement. The last rumor I heard was that DC wasn’t happy with the candidates they identified to replace DiDio and are talking with him about a one year extension, while they do a more exhaustive search to find his replacement.

We can state with some certainty that at least one of the most popular candidates —at least in the comic book version of the Hot Stove League—to take over DC should DiDio move on to greener pastures isn’t on Allen’s scorecard, but it’s all pure speculation anyway — as Joe Quesada said long ago when he took over the Marvel EIC job, running a comic book company is a job that comes with a shelf life. There’s a 100% probability that both Quesada and DiDio will be gone someday…it’s just the time frame for someday that’s the question.

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