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Christopher Nolan's New Film Is 'Romantic Thriller'; Starts Filming In June

Christopher Nolan's next film, described as a "romantic thriller," will reportedly begin production this June. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. announced they'd release the movie in July 2020, continuing their longstanding partnership with the director. Several of Nolan's films have been distributed through WB, including the three installments of the Dark Knight trilogy and Best Picture nominees Inception and Dunkirk. It's safe to say Nolan and the studio have a fruitful relationship over the years.

At the time this new movie was announced, no substantial details were available. The project was simply referred to as an "Untitled Christopher Nolan Event Film" that would play in IMAX. But now, Nolan fans have a few morsels to chew on, including when the cameras will start rolling.

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According to Production Weekly, Nolan's latest is aiming to start filming in June. There isn't an official plot synopsis yet, but the outlet describes the movie as a "romantic thriller" that blends the tone of North by Northwest with Inception. Check out their tweet on the matter in the space below:

At the very least, this gives viewers a general idea of what Nolan is aiming for with his next venture, and explains why it's getting the IMAX treatment. Inception was noteworthy for its jaw-dropping set pieces that demanded to be seen on the biggest of screens, completely immersing audiences in the multiple layers of the dream world. Looking over his full filmography, Nolan's always been a spectacle-driven filmmaker who relishes crafting riveting sequences that push the technical boundaries of filmmaking. It isn't surprising he'll be swinging for the fences on this film as well, and it sounds like this'll be right in his wheelhouse. Not only will this movie be tailor-made for the theater, channeling Alfred Hitchcock's classic mystery film North by Northwest should be a strong fit for Nolan's sensibilities as an artist.

What's fascinating is that the film is apparently a "romantic thriller," which is not a genre many would associate with Nolan. Over the course of his career, he's done everything from comic book adaptations to sci-fi to war dramas, but never something like this. A common critique of Nolan's movies is that at times he can be a little cerebral and cold, but he does know how to deliver emotionally powerful moments that connect with the audience, so he shouldn't be out of his element handling a love story. It'll be interesting to see how this develops, but Nolan's next film is shaping up to be one of 2020's most promising offerings.

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Source: Production Weekly

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