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Catwoman #1 Will Introduce A Major New DC Villain

Catwoman #1 Will Introduce A Major New DC Villain

When Catwoman debuts in her own solo series this summer, she will closely be followed by a mysterious new villain. The current writer of Batman and frequent Joelle Jones collaborator Tom King gave fans a brief tease of what they can expect out of Jones’ upcoming new Catwoman series.

On Twitter, King shared part of a page of the first issue of the series, which he revealed he had just finished reading. “I read the finalized version of @Joelle_Jones’ Catwoman #1. It is SO good,” he wrote, praising the writer/artist’s craft.

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But King went even further than that by teasing the debut of a major new villainous addition to the DCU pantheon. “It’s the 1st appearance a huge new DCU villain,” King cryptically added of the issue, which is set to land at the same time as his Batman #50, the highly-anticipated wedding issue of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

King’s praise is no small endorsement, considering that the writer has penned critical hit after critical hit for DC. Clearly, the future of both Batman and Catwoman, together and separately, is in very safe hands.

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Catwoman #1, written and illustrated by Joelle Jones, hits store shelves Wednesday, July 4.

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