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C2E2 Day One: like an ant

McCormick Place is sooooo big….one feels like a tiny ant crawling over a marble floor as you trudge from massive hall to massive hall. We turned on our GPS yesterday and logged more than 2 miles in no time. Today’s distance was probably more like 5 or 6 miles as we took it easy.

C2E2 is definitely in a crucial year. The first two years underperformed, but advance ticket sales are way up this year, so maybe this will be the time that the show draws the massive crowds that everyone thinks are possible. Saturday is going to be the big day.

The publisher tally is modest: DC, Marvel, Archaia, Top Cow, Avatar, Top Shelf, and a few others and startups like Valiant and First.

On the other hand, Artist Alley is immense: this part of the show floor alone is bigger than most local shows. Reportedly there are 400 artists in AA this year….there is something for EVERYONE and if you have money for a sketch or a sketchbook you should come away very very happy.

There’s also a tattoo section where people are getting inked.

People with big lines today: Jhonen Vasquez, Geoff Johns, and Chris Hardwick.

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