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C2E2 Day 2: we have achieved con

After several years of “e for effort” turnout at for C2E2, today’s show seems to have actually broken the floodgates and sent a ton of cosplayers, media fans, comics readers and general nerd army participants into the cavernous McCormick Place. It was easily the busiest day we’ve seen here.

Like we keep saying, this place is huge. This is just HALF the seating area where you can choose between a chicago c-dog dusted with pickles and white pepper, and the truly alarming foodstuff known as “deep dish pizza” — a concoction equal parts cheese and bread with a thin ribbon of tomato buried somewhere within.


Show runner Lance Fensterman retweeted this overhead shot from Con high tide around 1 pm.

Sales really depend on where you are. On the sides seem to be dead traffic or cut off by crowds. In Artist Alley, if you’re at the back of the room some fans may have died of exposure or exhaustion on their way to get there and so never have a chance to buy a print from Geof Darrow.

After talking to the locals, we finally understand that people in the Midwest don’t like going to McCormick Place. Indeed, this is not a place for consumer shows. However the need to strut around dressed as Mysterio or meet Sean Astin seems to have overcome that natural reticence in a lot of people.

No Shia LaBeouf today, so people were lined up for George Perez instead. Also a huge line for Claudio Sanchez.

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