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Boruto: 12 Things Sarada Gets From Sasuke (And 13 She Doesn't)

Of all the parent-child relationships in Boruto, Sarada and Sasuke's is one of the most complicated. While Naruto and Boruto easily hold the top spot for angst, the Uchiha family has had a lot of years of separation, a lot of history hidden in the dark, and a lot of feelings still not said between them. After all, they have twelve years of catching up to do.

Throughout Naruto, Sasuke was a fan favorite character, despite his many emotional problems and slight issues with being evil. When the series ended, it was quite a sudden turn for him to give up his vindications and go back home with Naruto. Fans were even more surprised to find out the romantically uninterested ninja turned around and married Sakura, the girl he rebuffed for years. The nail in the proverbial head-scratching coffin was that they had a daughter, Sarada. Though Sasuke talked about rebuilding the Uchiha clan, picturing him as a father is a bit too cheery for his normal behavior.

Regardless, by Boruto, this is where all those ideas ended up. Sasuke married Sakura, had a kid, and then abandoned them for years. Yikes.

Sarada has become a quick fan favorite herself, being a prominent member of Team 7 and helping Boruto protect Konoha. She's strong, fascinating, and impressive. Of course she's beloved. It's even hinted that, in the future, she and Boruto might become an item. Her story is just as integral to Boruto as Boruto's is.

Despite his absenteeism, there are a lot of actions, feelings, and abilities Sarada does that come directly from her father. That doesn't mean she has a fair share he has nothing to do with, though.

Here are 12 Things Sarada Gets From Sasuke (And 13 She Doesn't).

25 DOESN'T: Medical Ninjutsu

Though she's the new Uchiha heir, not everything Sarada does follows the ninjutsu of her clan. For example, she's adept at medical ninjutsu, something a bit too soft and healing for most Uchiha ninja. Instead, she learned quite a bit from her mother, Sakura, too. Because of this, her medically gifted mother passed on that gift.

In her time as a genin, she's helped healed Sakura as well as her own teammates. She may be a heavy hitter, but this softer side of her becomes useful in dangerous situations. Sarada doesn't get the gentle, healing side of her hands from her brash, reclusive father.

24 DOES: Sharingan

If there's one iconic thing Sasuke gave Sarada, it's the Sharingan. As the special jutsu of the Uchiha clan, it's a skill she's had since birth. Despite her father's lacking presence, just by passing on his genetics he gives her one of the most powerful clan abilities in the Naruto world.

With the impressive power fans have seen other Uchiha achieve with the Sharingan, it's exciting to wonder how strong Sarada might become. As Boruto's resident young Uchiha, it's fun to watch a new, very different person use it in their own way.

However, Sasuke doesn't help teach her and give any of his own insights, which is odd.

23 DOESN'T: Intelligence

While Sasuke isn't an idiot, his genius lies in his ninjutsu prowess and his innate abilities. When it came to intelligence on Team 7, Sakura was queen. She aced the written Chunin Exams, despite the fact knowing the answers wasn't the point. She never had the familial power of Sakura or Sasuke, but her chakra control, medical abilities, and general ninja knowledge were always much stronger.

Much like her mother, Sarada is absurdly intelligent. She can often be found studying, training, and reading to soak up as much knowledge as she can. If class rank came down to intelligence alone, she would have easily topped her peers. That's not something she got from Sasuke.

22 DOES: Lightning Ninjutsu

Throughout Naruto, the Uchiha clan is known for their bombastic ninjutsu. After all, their clan specializes not only in copying moves but also fire and lightning. Therefore, it's no surprise that Sarada ends up using quite a lot of Lightning Release ninjutsu in fights. She uses classic lightning jutsu, but also evolves her own knowledge of the art with her Sharingan and intelligence.

Her father's style has definitely influenced her here, and it shows.

If Sasuke wants to further his daughter's lightning abilities, he'd teach her the Chidori. Though it's a high-rank jutsu, Boruto already knows the Rasengan. It's only fair.

21 DOESN'T: Her Eyesight

Unlike both of her parents, Sarada uses glasses. Despite being a Sharingan user, her base eyesight needs a bit more assistance. Because of this, it stirred some uncertainty in her when she was investigating her parentage. Between her absent father and the similarities she had with Karin, it made her all the more confused.

Though Sasuke didn't pass on poor eyesight to Sarada, he's still definitely her father. The entire arc was a real turning point for the young Uchiha, making her more sure of who she is and who she wants to be. At least that's something her father helped her achieve, even though he didn't give her great eyesight.

20 DOES: A Sense Of Family

The new Uchiha clan is an interesting dynamic. Sakura and Sarada are close while Sasuke is often away on missions. While Sarada was vaguely told about her father, she barely knew him. However, the second they meet when she's twelve, they form a strong bond. After all, she learns the comforting gesture of love her mother always used came from him.

While Sarada and Sasuke are still a bit at odds and lack quality time, his certainty and traditions have given his daughter a sense of family, even in the smallest gestures. They're hardly in a perfect place, but at least he gave her a place to start from.

19 DOESN'T: Taste In Foods

While all Naruto fans can catch glimpses of Sasuke in his daughter, the show also makes it very clear that Sarada is her own person. One the smaller instances of this is in their food choices. Sasuke's favorite food was tomatoes, but Sarada despises them. Sure, seems fairly arbitrary, but it is a deliberate point by the creators to say she's not the same as the Uchihas before her. After all, her favorite foods are tea based, something much more calming. Sarada can be serious, intense, and pack a brutal punch. However, there is a levity and kindness to her that previous Uchihas always struggled with.

18 DOES: Her Stubbornness

In a house full of Uchiha energy, it's no surprise Sakura has to be patient and flexible. Looking back through ninja history, they are historically very stubborn, prideful people. Though Sarada was raised with a lot of love, that stubbornness wasn't lost on her. Just like her father, uncle, and ancestors before her, she is stubborn to a fault.

Once an Uchiha sets their mind on something, they're dedicated. For Itachi it was ending the Uchiha Curse. In Sasuke's case, it was ending Itachi. And Sarada? Her goals are much more noble, but that doesn't make her any less stubborn in her dream to become Hokage.

17 DOESN'T: Friendliness

If there's one thing Sasuke was pretty terrible at, it was making friends. Of the two people dedicated to him (Naruto and Sakura), he tried to destroy both of them multiple times.

Sarada, on the other hand, has made quite a few friends. In class she spends a lot of time with Chocho and Sumire. Furthermore, once they become genin and get teamed up, she shines there, too. Though she and Boruto initially butt heads, they realize each other's worth and became fast friends along with their teammate Mitsuki. A new Team 7, indeed.

While Sasuke's proud of his daughter, she definitely didn't get this friendliness from him.

16 DOES: Shurikenjutsu

Members of the Uchiha clan are known for their fatal accuracy and propensity for ninja tools. After all, Sasuke and his blade became nigh inseparable during Naruto: Shippuden. Because of this, Sarada has intimidating skills with projectiles and already shows a deep affinity for shurikenjutsu.

Though shurikens weren't Sasuke's favorite sharp objects, he still was quite powerful with them. Happens when the family affinity is super-powered eyeballs.

Sarada can be proud that her Uchiha roots help her be an effective ninja, even from afar. This talent gives her a lot more versatility in a fight.

15 DOESN'T: Her Love Of Reading

When it comes to hobbies, Sakura's parents are pretty terrible role models. Sasuke preferred to fill his free time with either walking or more training. In Sakura's case, she liked playing mind-puzzles or studying her medical books. Both were very serious, very studious children.

While Sarada is still extremely intelligent and school-focused, she understands hobbies are times to relax. She may spend it reading, but she reads history and mystery books. Unlike her parents, she indulges a lot more in creative thinking and fun stories.

Both her parents influenced her a lot as a student, but Sarada forged her own path when it came to her favorite recreation.

14 DOES: Fire Release

In the Uchiha Clan, learning the Fireball Fire Release is a rite of passage from young ninja. Their family relies on offensive, highly aggressive nature transformations in battle. Despite being absent for most of Sarada's youth, Sasuke made sure that part of her culture wasn't lost.

While in Ninja Academy, Sarada honed her fire release abilities just like any young Uchiha would. The only thing that would make it any more traditional would be for her father to teach it to her himself.

Sasuke may not have won gold stars in sticking around, but he and Sakura at least made sure she learned the Uchiha ninjutsu basics.

13 DOESN'T: Advanced Chakra Control

Between all of the original Team 7 members, they each have incredibly impressive chakra. However, by far, Sakura was the one who had the most control over hers. After all, she managed to obtain the chakra seal on her forehead that stores all the energy she might need in a worst case scenario.

Following in her mother's footsteps, Sarada is slowly becoming more and more proficient in taking good care of her chakra. This is something Sakura passed down to her daughter all on her own. Despite Sasuke's fantastic abilities, he simply doesn't have that kind of control.

12 DOES: Her Appearance

Understandably, Sasuke's absence made Sarada's fighting style lean towards her mother's. Though she can use all the abilities of an Uchiha, she fights more with the ferocity of Sakura. Looking at her, though, any Naruto fan can almost instantaneously tell she's Sasuke's daughter. She has his same serious eyes, pitch black hair, and Uchiha intensity.

Furthermore, she wears classic reds that match her Sharingan and the Uchiha symbol. She may lack that Sasuke blue, but she still looks like his daughter through and through.

Time will tell, though, how her style and appearance evolves. Will she still look so much like her father or will her clothes and styling change to match her mother even more?

11 DOESN'T: Dedication To The Shinobi

From the moment fans meet Sasuke, it's clear he's got a lot going on. When he admits that his one goal in the world is to destroy one man, his future only becomes more ominous.

While Sasuke wanted to use shinobi training to become strong, he didn't have a particular dedication to them. Even in Boruto, his loyalty lies with his family and Naruto more than it seems to lie with the village. He is a ninja who will always walk their own path.

Sarada, however, fully believes in the shinobi, protecting Konoha, and even wants to lead the shinobi one day as Hokage. She definitely didn't get that from Sasuke.

10 DOES: Her Intensity

Whether it's Itachi or Sasuke, Obito or Madara, Naruto fans have never met an Uchiha that isn't intense. They take the world very seriously and treat their goals even more weightily, for better and worse. Much like her preceding Uchiha, Sarada is a very intense young woman. Almost everything she does is focused on her goal of becoming Hokage. She wants to lead the village, and she plans to make that happen.

Between studying, doing chores around Konoha, and accomplishing missions with her team, she barely has time to think. However, true to her father's legacy, she likes it that way.

9 DOESN'T: Tough Punches

While Sasuke is an expert combatant, he isn't exactly the kind known for creating craters with his punches. Instead, that's more attributed to Lady Tsunade and, more importantly, Sarada's mother, Sakura. Considering the young genin can already throw opponents into walls with a punch, it's clear who she gets her literal heavy hitting from.

Throughout Naruto, Sakura was known for her impressive punches. Of course she'd train her little girl to hit everyone as hard as she could. Sasuke may be the "secret Hokage" of the village, but Sakura is the only person who could teach Sarada to knock people through the ground.

8 DOES: Dedication To Goals

All of his life, Sasuke was a very goal-driven ninja. He nearly lost his life several times in his premature aspirations to ends Itachi's existence. The damage he caused in his goal to get back at Konoha was insurmountable. Even his short-lived goal to end the Uchiha Curse was done with all his force. It's just Naruto wouldn't let him do it.

Though Sarada has only shown off her desire to affirm her parentage and her Hokage dreams, she's done both with intense dedication. She is not the type of ninja to be stopped before she's satisfied with her results. Honestly, it'll be a little frightening to see her get any more determined.

7 DOESN'T: Her Interest In Romance

If there's one thing Sasuke had zero interest in as a genin, it was romance. Throughout the rest of his peers, there were crushes and passing flirtations. However, he didn't care about that for a long, long time.

Sarada, on the other hand, already is starting to become interested in young love. On several occasions, she's been known to blush when Boruto compliments her or says something admirable. Her crush on the young Uzumaki is cute, even if it's pretty obvious.

Compared to Sasuke, who called Sakura annoying for all her crush talk, Sarada definitely has her own path when it comes to romance.

6 DOES: The Uchiha Curse

During Naruto, when characters talk about the ill-fated Uchiha clan, they often talk about their curse. This Curse Of Hatred is something many Uchiha believed in. They struggled to show their emotions, but loved deeply when they did. However, they didn't seem to have the best luck, so when those loved ones were lost, the love turned to hatred.

Though Sasuke talked of his own cursed nature in Naruto, Sarada isn't cursed. Granted, she hasn't had to face a serious loss the way her father did. Part of that, though, is the fact that her parents are doing everything they can to protect her.

Unfortunately, Sarada can only avoid the Uchiha Curse for so long.

5 DOESN'T: Sense Of Duty

While Sasuke is now on the side of good, it's still for very selfish reasons. He wants to protect his best friend and his family. No matter his strides towards being a better person and ninja, he is still not the kind of to feel a sense of duty towards Konoha. If Naruto and his family were gone, he'd probably go rogue all over again.

Sarada, however, feels very dedicated to her village and all it's people, related to her or not. After all, she dreams of becoming Hokage. Even if everything she loves comes into question, like when she wasn't sure who her parents were, she still remained loyal.

4 DOES: Insecurities

For an absent father, Sasuke does a surprisingly good job when it comes to connecting with his daughter. However, that doesn't wash away the whole "absent" part.

As a young ninja, Sarada is fierce, intelligent, and powerful. But as a young woman, she has her fair share of insecurities. While some of that comes with the age group, another large chuck o that comes from Sasuke's absentee parenting methods. She feels insecure in who she is at times because he's not around to explain what it means to be Uchiha.

Who knows how lost she'll feel once she finds out how messed up all her ancestors are.

3 DOESN'T: Childhood Memories

No matter what way a fan looks at it, Sasuke wasn't around for Sarada when she was a little girl. Even the best mental gymnastics can change that.

In the time between him leaving and coming back, Sarada experienced so many things and made even more memories with her mother and friends. Sasuke didn't contribute to any of that, except maybe wistful moments of missing him.

While this is a pretty low blow, it's an honest one. The covert op Uchiha removed himself from Sarada's childhood and there's nothing either of them can do to change that.

2 DOES: Tomoe

In a genetic sense, of course Sasuke handed town the Sharingan and any tomoes to Sarada. However, her first tomoe is a little more literal. The little Uchiha daughter sprouted this first tomoe when she was eleven. How? Out of sheer excitement to see her father after so many years.

Of all of Sasuke's gifts, this is one of the most wholesome on many levels. One, because it shows Sarada's unconditional love for him. Second, because it's one of the first instances of the Sharingan reacting to overwhelming positive emotion instead of negative.

This event was the first sign Sarada would be a game-changer for the Uchiha clan and it's curse.

1 DOESN'T: Hokage Aspirations

Sarada's biggest dream is to become Hoakge of Konoha. After years of watching her mother and her friends' parents give back to the village, she decided the most admirable job would to be the leader of all that. Sakura and Naruto played the biggest parts in influencing her. Her mother heals people and Naruto protects everyone, no matter what.

Though Sarada looks up to Sasuke, he played little to no part in her decision. He's a solo, covert ops kind of guy, meaning he doesn't do much in-town for the people. Overall, she basically wants to do the exact opposite of his version of protecting Konoha and that's OK. Boruto can be her Sasuke.


Were there any traits Sasuke passed onto Sarada in Boruto that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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