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Bond 25 Reportedly Brings In Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Punch Up Script

Bond 25 is reportedly bringing in Phoebe Waller-Bridge to punch up the script. The latest entry in the 007 series is set for an April 2020 release date, with a recent report revealing that some filming on the as-of-yet titled latest Bond film took place in Norway at the start of this month.

The road to production has been a long one for Bond 25, with numerous headaches cropping up before Daniel Craig had even agreed to return as James Bond. No sooner had the uncertainty regarding Craig’s return quieted down, however, that Bond 25 lost director Danny Boyle. Sin Nombre director Cary Fukunaga eventually replaced Boyle and everything now seems to be back on track. Of course, it’s no easy task getting all the right elements together on any film production, but when it comes to James Bond, the sheer enormity of the franchise and the degree of expectation from fans and critics alike seems to make everything that much more challenging.

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The latest indication that Bond 25 still needs a little boost in getting off the ground comes to us courtesy of The Guardian. A new report indicates that Phoebe Waller-Bridge, creator of the stage play and TV series Fleabag, as well as the voice of L3-37 in last year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, has been asked to “liven up” the current Bond 25 script. What’s more, this request apparently comes at the behest of Craig.

To date there has been no confirmation that Waller-Bridge is, in fact, getting to work on the script, but sources close to the film have said that Waller-Bridge and Craig met in New York while Waller-Bridge completed her off-Broadway run of Fleabag. As a fan of Fleabag and the work of Waller-Bridge, Craig is reportedly looking to inject a little more humor and edge into the script and Waller-Bridge seems to be just the person to do it. Should Waller-Bridge be confirmed as the next writer to polish the current script, she will become only the second woman in the illustrious franchise’s existence to work on a James Bond script. The only other woman to hold that honor is Johanna Harwood, who worked on the very first two films in the Bond franchise, 1962’s Dr. No and its 1963 follow-up, From Russia With Love.

There’s no need at this point for Bond fans to be concerned over the state of the upcoming film’s script or the production itself. Many films undergo somewhat last minute polishing or re-writes and turn out absolutely fine. In this case in particular, Waller-Bridge’s work on Fleabag has served to highlight her substantial talent and gift for drawing out the subtleties in human interaction and the impact those interactions can have as a result. With Bond becoming more aware of himself and the people around him in recent films, Waller-Bridge is definitely someone who can remove any stuffy, wooden characteristics that the script may have, ultimately lending it a more realistic and human quality - something that should suit Bond 25 very well indeed.

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Source: The Guardian

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