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Before Watchmen and New 52 Wave Two art revealed: is it really a leak when someone holds the notebook open?

Last week, BuzzFeed, the hugely popular “viral” media site, went on a photo tour of DC’s offices, including a slideshow that we now can’t find that included shots of publicity VP David Hyde’s office. EDIT: It was on CNET, that’s why. Which was ironic, since early last week it was announced Hyde was leaving DC.

Well apparently, while on that tour someone held open the ultra-secret notebook of Watchmen art, which was handcuffed to Bob Wayne’s wrist at the retailer summit week before last. Here’s a bunch of concept art and stuff but not the “Rorschach’s face in the clouds” page other alluded to.


We’re not going to spotlight all the art except Amanda Conner and Lee Bermejo, Conner because she’s the one who’s sticking closest to the original, and Bermejo because he’s quietly become one of the best mainstream artists working in the last few years with his Joker and BATMAN: NOEL graphic novels.

Our opinion: this all looks like nice stuff. Very nice. Nice enough to sell your soul?


But see next post.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed has also been made privy to “leaked” photos from the New 52 Second Wave.

How exactly are these “leaked” when someone stood there with the notebooks open? Is it like the moment in the adoption agency when the nice lady tells you she can’t legally tell you who your birth parents are and then leaves the room with the file open on her desk? Did BuzzFeed use their secret spy glasses to take the pictures? Did David Hyde hold the book open before packing up his things?


Anyway here’s a page from “Dial H” written by Chinia Miéviller [sic], illustrated by Mateus Santolouco.

The fact that they didn’t know how to spell China Miéville is a little weird, granted. I guess it’s hard to spell when you’re using your spy spectacle cam.

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