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BEA preview

Lance Fensterman is a very busy guy. He’s the showrunner for not just New York Comic-Con, but also the new York Anime Fest AND the BEA (Book Expo America), the annual schmoozefest for everything book related. This year’s BEA is being held next week in LA, where they buy more books per year than in New York, or so we’re often told by Angelenos. Anyway WE WILL BE THERE, and we’ve already heard from a few peeps who want to get together and our dance card is filling fast, so call, email or text of you wanna hang, or know where to do it. We’re staying at the downtown hotel with the spinning bar, so you know where we’ll be.

Wait…where were we? Oh yeah, Lance Fensterman. Anyway, the BEA is a celebrity/author fest with the biggest names in the business — it’s wall to wall superstar authors. The author signings list has been posted, and Lance has the details:

How big is the autographing program at BEA going to be this year? Consider these names are just a handful of the authors that will be appearing on just one day of the three day program.

Neil Gaiman, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Brooke Shields, Jon Scieszka, Robert F Kennedy Jr. , Judy Blume, George Hamilton, Garth Stein, Anita Shreve, Seth Kantner, Brad Meltzer, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Cory Doctorow, Kate DiCamillo, Sherman Alexie, Laura Numeroff, Eoin Colfer, Paul Feig, Berkeley Breathed, Brian Selznick, Dennis Lehane, R.L. Stine, Scott McCloud, Jeff Smith, Gary Hart…

The official numbers on autographing: 926 signings (auto area and in booth) plus another 100+ in booth that came in after the print deadline (I’ll try and get those online soon).

It’s kind of scary to see how many of Our Kind have infiltrated that list.

– The Autographing line-up is here, and with its LA proximity, everyone from Ernest Borgnine to Brooke Shields will be signing. Maybe we’re just old or jaded or whatever but there was almost no one on the list that made us go…WHO-AHHH! We gotta meet that person. Have we really met everyone we ever wanted to meet? Is that it?

Well there was one name: Sean Stewart, the lead writer on THE BEAST, the AI interactive game that was one of the greatest icons of the early interactive media, and one that all ARGs (alternate reality games) have been chasing ever since. So there you have it; we still want to meet Sean Stewart someday.

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