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Avengers: 20 Toys That Already Spoiled Endgame

Even with Marvel releasing several trailers and teasers for Avengers: Endgamefans still aren't quite sure what to expect from the highly-anticipated, three-hour-long film. Viewers know that the heroes who survived Thanos' snap which wiped out half of all life across the entire universe will be joining together to try to bring their fallen loved ones back and take down the Mad Titan once and for all, but outside of that, the details of the massive crossover event have been largely kept secret.

Fans have been speculating ever since Infinity War about what Earth's Mightiest Heroes might do in their mission to eliminate Thanos and who they may encounter along the way, and while some theories definitely seem plausible, a bulk of them will inevitably be proven incorrect once the film releases on April 26. We never could have anticipated some of the previous Avenger film's twists—especially the loss of characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man, whom we believed to be the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we're sure Endgame will be filled with just as many shocking twists and turns.

While eagle-eyed comic enthusiasts have spotted a few plot spoilers hidden away in promotional videos and pictures for the film, toy collectors may actually have the most knowledge about what will happen in Endgame. Marvel has released several toy sets for the epic Phase 4 conclusion which give significant insight on character developments, costume alterations, and even offer glimpses of major battles between our beloved heroes and Thanos and his alien armies. Here are Avengers: 20 Toys That Already Spoiled Endgame.


Now that Thanos has assembled all of the Infinity Stones inside of his Infinity Gauntlet, he's going to be almost impossible to take down. Thor had his chance with Stormbreaker in Infinity War, but he's lost the element of surprise and "should have gone for the head." With control over time, power, reality, space, souls, and the mind, the Mad Titan's abilities are limited only by his imagination.

Apparently, he's not going to rely solely on the power of the Gauntlet in Endgame, though. A new Build-A-Figure from the Marvel Legends toy line depicts Thanos wielding a double-bladed second weapon which will undoubtedly make him even more imposing in combat.


When we left Tony Stark in Infinity War, he was stranded on Thanos' home planet of Titan, distraught over the loss of his protégé Peter Parker and his failure to stop Thanos from completing the Infinity Gauntlet. The initial trailer for Endgame showed him adrift in space, running out of oxygen and recording a goodbye message to Pepper Potts.

Fans shouldn't worry about whether or not Iron Man will safely make his way back to Earth, though, because in several toys for the film, he wears the same Quantum suit that the other Avengers can be seen wearing in the trailers. It's safe to assume that this means he'll join back up with them and won't be stuck wandering the cosmos alone for long.


Even though Clint Barton is one of the few Avengers without any superhuman powers, Earth's Mightiest just can't seem to get anything done without him. The first time he left his fellow heroes for a few months, they broke into a Civil War, and the next time, the Avengers failed to stop Thanos from snapping fifty percent of all life out of existence.

Fans have been hoping that Marvel will make up for Clint's absence in Infinity War by making him appear in Endgame as his edgier and formidable second alter-ego from the comics, Ronin. He's seen wearing a costume similar to Ronin's in trailers for the film, but his new name wasn't officially confirmed until Marvel released this Endgame toy, which outright states he'll adopt that new, fan-favorite moniker.


When Tessa Thomspon was spotted at Avengers: Endgame reshoots with Chris Hemsworth in Atlanta last year, fans assumed that meant her Thor: Ragnarok character survived Thanos and his Black Order's attack on the Asgardian ship at the start of Infinity War and would join back up with the God of Thunder in this year's film. Promotional material for Endgame further clarified that Valkyrie also survived Thanos' snap, but since she hasn't appeared in any trailers and Thompson's name hasn't been listed on posters for the film, fans started to doubt she'd appear after all.

Marvel's Titan Hero toy series for Endgame includes a Valkyrie in an updated uniform, though, so fans can definitely expect her to show up and help the Avengers.


Marvel's Avengers Titan Hero Series also provides viewers with a major spoiler about the Hulk, who was largely absent from Infinity War after Thanos bested him in combat at the start of the film. Bruce Banner repeatedly tried to unleash his giant green alter-ego on the Mad Titan's minions, but Hulk refused to be used as the mild-mannered scientist's bodyguard and fans worried that they'd seen the last of him.

This toy proves that Hulk will not only come back to help Earth's Mightiest Heroes... he'll finally get the chance to suit up with his fellow Avengers as well. Hulk typically takes down his enemies without a shirt, but in Endgame, he'll get an over-sized, armored Quantum suit that matches his teammates'.


When Tony Stark found out that Bucky Barnes ended his parents' lives while he was brain-washed as the Winter Soldier, he became furious with his friend and fellow Avengers leader Steve Rogers for trying to defend Bucky. Their battle at the end of Civil War was one of the most unforgettable moments in MCU history, and it ended with Tony demanding that Captain America relinquish the shield which his father Howard had made for him.

Cap was given new vibranium shields from Black Panther before Infinity War's battle in Wakanda, but this Marvel Legends toy reveals that he and Tony will make amends and he'll once again wield his iconic circular shield.


Marvel does their best to keep major MCU battle sequences a surprise for viewers, but their Lego sets always seem to spoil each film's greatest conflicts. This "Iron Man Hall of Armor" Lego set previews a massive fight between Tony Stark and Thanos' Outrider soldiers, right in the billionaire playboy philanthropist's home base where he keeps all of his technologically-advanced suits.

Tony was able to use his entire Iron army against Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3 during an incredibly stunning action sequence, and fans might get another chance to see them in action as they try to fend of multiple aliens.


Everyone who stuck around for the end credits of Captain Marvel or who has watched Marvel's latest Endgame trailers knows that Carol Danvers will answer Nick Fury's emergency page from Infinity War and return to Earth to help the Avengers defeat Thanos. We didn't know until we saw this toy, however, that she'd come wearing the exact same outfit as she wore in her solo film, which took place back in the 90s.

Most of the Avengers seem to switch up their look just about every film, but Carol seems perfectly content with sticking with what works and hasn't changed her style in over twenty years.


When Nebula finally forgave Gamora for their Thanos-generated childhood rivalry in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, she stopped being a villain and made it her mission to eliminate her tyrannical "father." She still wasn't necessarily a hero, though, and didn't show up to help Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and the Guardians until their fight against Thanos had already commenced.

Nebula survived the Mad Titan's snap, and was left stranded with Tony Stark on Titan. This Marvel Legends Black Widow and Hawkeye two-pack includes an extra Nebula head which can be placed on the Natasha body, which implies we can expect Nebula to don the Quantum suit all of the Avengers have been seen wearing and fight alongside Earth's Mightiest.


When we last saw Thanos in Infinity War, he was on some unknown planet relaxing and happy about the success of his plan to "bring balance" to the universe. Since there's no guarantee he's on Earth or that he plans on ever returning there, the Avengers need some way to travel the cosmos and find him so they can undo the damage his snap caused.

This Lego "Ultimate Quinjet" set may explain how our heroes will get around in Endgame, and features an advanced version of the ship they've flown around in several times throughout the MCU. The set includes Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Rocket, so we also know that those four will team up for a mission in the film and battle against some of the aliens from the first Avengers, the Chitauri.


We've already seen Thor team up with Rocket Raccoon (whom the God of Thunder hilariously calls "Rabbit") in Infinity War, so the fact that they're together in this Avengers two-pack toy set isn't much of an Endgame spoiler. However, the text on the back of this package reveals one of the biggest spoilers for the film imaginable.

“The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against new foes. Rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy from an even greater threat.”

Fans have assumed that Thanos will be the film's biggest villain, but Endgame will apparently include other new foes and a threat who is even greater than the Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Titan.


The Internet is filled with theories about what might happen in Endgame, and a shockingly large majority of them center on Ant-Man being instrumental in the Avengers' defeat of Thanos. One particularly amusing theory is that Scott Lang will crawl inside of Thanos while microscopic and then expand to blow the Mad Titan up, but viewers probably shouldn't expect the villain to be vanquished that easily.

Another theory is that Ant-Man will be the one to provide the heroes with the Quantum suits and provide them with the knowledge about the Quantum Realm bestowed upon him by Hank Pym. By journeying into the Quantum Realm, the Avengers may have access to time travel or alternate realities. This Funko Pop featuring Scott in a Quantum suit suggests he'll, at minimum, be joining Earth's Mightiest this time around in their most important mission ever.


The Avengers and Wakandan warriors who fought against Proxima Midnight and her army in Infinity War neutralized countless Outriders, but we definitely haven't seen the last of Thanos' mindless, incredibly imposing alien minions. The Outriders will be back in Endgame, and it looks like Captain America may have to take on several of them all by himself.

In this "Captain America: Outriders Attack" Lego set for the film, Steve Rogers rides a unique new vehicle as he tries to fend off the creepy multi-limbed monsters. Unlike most Lego sets for the film, which include multiple Avenger figures in them, this set features Cap as its only hero and makes it seem like he'll have his own solo mission to deal with.


Ever since Tony Stark first created a suit of armor using nothing but scraps in the Iron Man film that kicked off the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, the billionaire has been updating his look so he can be a better and more aesthetically-pleasing superhero. Most fans thought his Bleeding Edge armor in Infinity War was going to be as good as it'd ever get, but Iron Man will apparently get one more upgrade.

Hot Toys' Mark LXXXV 1/6th Scale collectible figure for Endgame features a completely different look for the Iron Avenger. Clearly, Tony's loss to Thanos will inspire him to work even harder to maximize his potential so he can finally best his most powerful adversary.


When Tony inevitably returns back to Earth in Endgame, he won't solely be focusing on updating his own armor. He learned on Titan that taking down Thanos will require as much help as he can get, and this action figure from Marvel's Avengers toy line proves he'll also work tirelessly to make his best friend, James Rhodes, a better War Machine.

The toy comes with an incredibly large cannon which can be placed on Rhodey's suit of armor, and features a slightly different paint job. We can be sure this upgrade will include all of the bells and whistles needed to make War Machine more powerful than we've ever seen him on screen.


Marvel hasn't officially released a Rescue action figure for Avengers: Endgame, but fans still suspect Pepper Potts will don her own suit of armor and fight alongside Tony Stark in the film. A behind-the-scenes picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in a purple suit found its way onto Instagram last year and brought some weight to this fan theory, and the leaked images of this Rescue toy prototype all but confirmed it.

The sleek design for Pepper’s iron suit looks very similar to the Rescue Armor Model 3 from the comics, and it's possible that the preview image doesn't include a head because Marvel doesn't want fans to know that Tony's soulmate will indeed be joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Most of the Avengers wear sleek, fashionable uniforms that help them look great and offer some sort of protection while they're off saving the world, but the Hulk has never really cared about his appearance. He's always too busy smashing everything in sight to suit up! That'll apparently change in Endgame, though, because in addition to his Quantum suit, he'll also be wearing this unique new uniform.

Marvel is going to be releasing several Diamond Select PVC statues for the film, and Hulk's features a slim-fit purple and black costume and has the giant green rage monster wielding chunks of sharp metal as weapons. Hulk didn't feel like helping his friends in Infinity War, but this statue makes it look like he'll put in a lot more effort in this year's sequel.


Tony Stark has made countless different iron suits over the past ten years of MCU films, but the fan-favorite has definitely been his massive Hulkbuster armor. He famously wore it in Age of Ultron to try to take down the Hulk, and then Bruce Banner jumped in it during the Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War so he could still help his teammates after the Hulk refused to cooperate.

It's hard to imagine a suit cooler than the Hulkbuster ever making its way onto the big screen, but the War Machine Buster spoiled by this Endgame LEGO set looks sleeker and appears to be even more powerful. The set features a battle between Rhodey, Ant-Man, and Thanos' Outrider minions, so fans should expect a similar scene to play out in the film.


Marvel released a new wave of Marvel Legends actions figures this year, and by collecting the entire set, fans can assemble a Build-A-Figure of Thanos in his battle armor. The wave includes a figure of Captain America in his Quantum suit and Clint Barton dressed as Ronin, both of which we now know we'll see in Endgame. It also suspiciously includes a 6-inch figure of Ebony Maw, the powerful Black Order sorcerer who seemingly perished in Infinity War. 

The toy does state that the character is from Infinity War and not Endgame, but its inclusion in a primarily Endgame set makes it seem like Thanos will use the Time or Reality Stone to bring him back to life.


Trailers for Avengers: Endgame show the remaining members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes joined together at the Avengers compound, planning their counter-attack on Thanos. They seem ready to venture off into the cosmos to take the fight to the Mad Titan, but this LEGO toy set reveals that they may not have to go anywhere to get another crack at the Gauntlet-wielding antagonist.

"Avengers Compound Battle" includes figures of Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Nebula, Ant-Man and Hulk, all of whom will join forces to eliminate Thanos and an Outrider. Thanos is wearing both his Gauntlet and his battle armor, so he looks ready to fight to maintain the sense of "balance" he created by wiping out half of all life across the universe.

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