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Arrow: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Couples

The world simply can't escape the fad of superheroes. Whether it's Marvel or DC, film or television, one form or other of our most beloved comic-book stars are bound to make a jump to the screen. And while the movies have undeniably change the entire paradigm of how we perceive the universes, TV shows also did pretty well.

A great example of this is Arrow, one of the first super-hero series to bless our screens in recent times. Although there's a major focus on the characters as heroes, on their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, like any entertaining and engaging show, it also has its fair share of romance, as well as all the drama relationships entail.

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Many couples have seen their relationship depicted on Arrow, and while some were beautifully developed and quickly won fans hearts, others were just plain annoying and, at times, unnecessary. That being said, let's take a look at the five best and worst couples to ever be a part of Arrow.

10 Best: Oliver & Felicity

Undoubtedly the best couple on the show - and, for many Olicity shippers, the best couple ever, period - Oliver and Felicity had fans rooting for them from the moment the two characters met. Even though it took three entire seasons for viewers to finally see the pair get together, their chemistry was evident from the start.

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Like any good relationship that aims to keep fans grasping the edge of their seat in anticipation, Oliver and Felicity had many sad and frustrating moments. The joy everyone felt when these two finally tied the knot and cemented their relationship once and for all was fantastic, and it was a moment truly hard to forget.

9 Worst: Black Siren & Diaz

There was a universal sigh of relief when showrunners announced beloved actress Katie Cassidy would return to Arrow after her original character's demise. While her new, darker, and villainous counterpart Black Siren was a fresh new addition to the show as a character and antagonist, her relationship with villain Diaz was quite uncalled for.

The chemistry wasn't there, and there was never a good enough reason for the show to put these two together. When Black Siren saw how low he was willing to stoop and ultimately turned on him in the season finale, it was a phenomenal moment, that everyone was thankful for.

8 Best: Sara & Nyssa

It was a beautiful moment of representation that we got to witness in the Arrowverse. While we didn't get to see much of Sara and Nyssa's love story since most of it occurred before either of the characters made their way to the show, it was still important for fans everywhere that we had a small part of it play out on screen.

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Not only did their relationship raise the stakes for Nyssa and the team when they lost Sara and were fighting Ra's al Ghul, but it also helped develop the character of Sara further, giving fans something extra to root for. It was short lived for viewers, but still, one of the best couples to grace the show.

7 Worst: Oliver & Susan

The whole thing was just a big no-no. Of course, it didn't help that fans were so deeply attached and invested on Oliver's relationship with Felicity, even after it fell apart. This is, however, far from being the biggest problem with making Susan a love interest for Oliver.

Let's not forget that Susan was investigating him, and found out he was the Green Arrow. As a character, her main trait was being an antagonist, pitted against Thea. Somehow, this fact managed to completely slip Oliver's mind, enough for him to want to be with the woman who was on the opposite side of his sister. It just didn't make sense at all, and everyone was happy when it was over.

6 Best: Thea & Roy

It's the classic love story everyone can't help but root for. He's the bad boy from the wrong side of town, she's the spoiled rich girl waiting to be swept off her feet. Roy might have stolen Thea's bag first, but what she never got back from him was her heart - cheesy, yes. But also very true.

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Thea and Roy were perfect for each other, and none of them ever found another partner with whom they had so much chemistry. Even a blind person could see these two were crazy for each other, in spite of their on again, off again status. Their relationship is another great example of a beautiful and complex bond on the show.

5 Worst: Thea & Chase

If Roy was hand-made for Thea, then Chase was the complete opposite. It doesn't help that Chase's character was just a trainwreck in general. If you're an annoying person in general, chances are, you won't make a very good partner. Chase is a prime example of this and including Thea in his storyline as a love interest was a terrible decision.

This choice probably made the narrative of him trying to poison Thea that much more dramatic, but the point was moot since he ended up killing himself. It was a very twisted take on Romeo & Juliet, but Shakespeare himself wouldn't come up with a character like Chase. No one really felt much when he was gone - except perhaps some relief.

4 Best: Diggle & Lyla

They're cute, they're loving, their badass, and they make one hell of a good couple. More than that, Diggle and Lyla do a beautiful job of representing how wonderful reconnecting can be - and how you can find your happy ending even after you thought you lost it.

The pair was married once, but the first time we meet them at the beginning of the show, they are separated. However, the love never truly died, and they found their way back to each other. They now share a marriage, a child, and a life, and fans couldn't be happier that a character as dear to them as Diggle is allowed to be with the love of his life.

3 Worst: Thea & Alex

Just in case it wasn't made clear enough, everyone knows Thea was meant to be with Roy. The fact that all the guys the show tried to pair her with were awful in their own way (see above for Chase, the DJ) didn't make the job of letting Roy go any easier.

There was absolutely no substance to their relationship, no story, nothing fans could even begin to cling to in order to root for the couple. Alex kind of just appeared, and there was nothing interesting about him as a character. Even after he was gone, the show showed just how much it didn't care for this relationship by not even bothering to offer some sort of closure. The point of Thea and Alex remains pretty much unclear.

2 Best: Felicity & Barry

While Felicity and Oliver are the ultimate ship of the show, with a love story and journey impossible to match, it's obvious both of them were allowed other connections outside of their relationship - especially considering they didn't even get together until the third season of the show.

Some relationships were better than others, and Felicity and Barry were definitely better. In a world were Oliver and Iris didn't exist, these two would be a match made in heaven. They connected on so many levels, and their friendship blossomed in a truly beautiful way. It added a little something extra to Felicity's character as well, and, overall, it was great having a little sneak peek of what could have been.

1 Worst: Oliver & Laurel

Arrow really did try their best to give fans of the comics what they wanted, and force Oliver and Laurel into a relationship at the beginning of the series. The show constantly hinted at the pair harboring feelings for each other, even though Oliver took Laurel's sister on a boat trip, and was dating his former best-friend, Tommy.

Whether or not it was the original plan to have them actually be together, Oliver's chemistry with Felicity overshadowed any other connection he could have, and fans knew it. Thankfully, showrunners knew it as well, and made the right call never hinting at a potential relationship between Oliver and Laurel again.

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