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Amazing Spider-Man Will Finally Resolve a Decades Long Symbiote Mystery

Amazing Spider-Man Will Finally Resolve a Decades Long Symbiote Mystery

In 1984, Peter Parker came into possession of a parasitic alien life form on the planet known as Battleworld as part of the Secret Wars event series. Now wearing a sleek black costume, Spider-Man brought the symbiote back home to Earth, where he used it as his newest weapon to fight crime.

What Peter didn’t exactly know at the time was that the alien symbiote had a mind of its own. Now, decades later, the mystery of what strange adventures the symbiote was up to before Peter would permanently part with it will be revealed.

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Thanks to the advance solicits of Marvel’s September releases, we now know that the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 will flashback to a time when Peter Parker had just returned to Earth from Battleworld. Finally, readers will find out where the symbiote would lead Spider-Man when he believed he was sleeping — and it appears like it was definitely up to all sorts of no good.

Check out the full solicit below:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual Symbiote cover


  • Cover by ACO
  • VARIANT Cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Game Variant Cover BY DENNIS CHAN
    Years ago, Spider-Man came back from an alien world with a fantastic new costume — one he eventually learned was a living alien symbiote looking to bond with him permanently! But before he rejected the costume that went on to become VENOM, many a night the symbiote would creep onto Peter, and unbeknownst to its host, take them out into the night!
  • Now, for the first time, see just what the symbiote steered Peter into during these mysterious nighttime excursions! Saladin Ahmed (BLACK BOLT) weaves an ALL-NEW nightmare fairy tale, illustrated by the incomparable Garry Brown, in what is sure to be a dream book for any Spider-Man fan!
  • 40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99

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