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Aimee and Joe sitting in a tree

200806051141This CNN profile of singer Aimee Mann reveals yet another celebrity comics fan, but the source is an unlikely one!

Mann was approached about a year ago about doing a graphic novel, an idea she at first dismissed out of hand. “And then I ran into this guy named Joe Matt, who’s one of my favorite graphic novelists,” she recalls.

Matt, the “Peepshow” cartoonist, lives nearby and encouraged Mann to maintain a sketchbook and practice, practice, practice. So Mann has diligently worked toward that end.

“I take a sketchbook and I bring it out at dinner … and I’ve got this one friend who always says something ridiculous, so I’ll try to write it down and put it in [graphic] form, and it kind of amuses everyone at the dinner table,” she says, while saying it’s “kind of a long-term project.”

We’d like to hear Matt’s side of this story, except that it probably involves a lot of jerking off.

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