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ADV sells furniture, anime

The news that ADV was selling off a bunch of office furniture drew the expected cries of alarm:

From : Thurs., June 26 at 10:00 am: Consolidation of Large Video / DVD Co. 10501 Kipp Way Dr., Suite 300, Houston, TX Very large quantity of oak, walnut & Ikea style office furniture, computers, servers, phones, etc.

However, determined face fronter Chris Oarr stepped right up and gave their side:

Yes, ADV has hired Windsor Auctions to get rid of some surplus material, including desks, computer monitors, chairs, etc. The auction is taking place today at our warehouse facility on Sam Houston Hwy in Houston. So if you want a good deal on a telephone headset or filing cabinet, get over there by 6 o’clock. Maybe you can get NewtypeCJ’s old office chair!

When you cut back on staff, you’re going to have extra stuff. We hired an auction house instead of a dump truck, because the stuff still works. Sorry we forgot to tell you guys, but it’s a cash-and-carry auction, so we kept our marketing to the Houston area.


Chris Oarr
Current ADV Employee

P.S. Mention you heard about it on AoD and receive a free stapler with every purchase.

See? THAT’S how to handle a rumor.

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