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8 Things You Need To Remember Before Watching The OA Season 2

Since it first aired back in 2016, The OA has been the source of many unanswered questions, wild theories, endless deconstructions, and analysis. Now that the second movement has finally dropped, there are some things that fans who haven’t rewatched the first season may need to remember before going forward. The OA is filled with all sorts of hidden messages, secrets, and clues for fans to obsessively go over, but what are the most important details moving forward into season two? Let’s breakdown the most important things that fans need to remember in order to better understand the paths branching out before them. Spoilers for season one ahead.

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8 Hunter Aloysius Percy (HAP)

Despite having one of the dopest middle names in all of recorded history, HAP himself is decidedly not so chill. When HAP hears a “whoosh” sound as he loses a patient in the ER where he works, he takes his first steps down a dark path to solve death. He begins studying near-death experiences (NDEs). But more importantly, he begins studying those that have had them. After baiting, tricking, & seducing NDE survivors into captivity (including OA) HAP and his captives stumble upon a “form of travel unknown to humans”. They stumble upon a series of movements that are key to solving death, to interdimensional travel, and to so much more. OA may have escaped, but HAP still has Homer, Renata, Scott, and Rachel. And the movements.

7 Season One’s Ending

Any fans that may have missed the last few minutes of the season one finale or simply can’t remember what happened might walk into season two assuming that ended perfectly amicably. Prairie went back on medicine, she was clearly sick. The boys' lives went back to normal. Everyone lived happily ever after.

However, in those closing moments of season one, what we see is far from a happy ending. A school shooting that terrifies and traumatizes BBA and the boys along with taking OA from them. Or delivering her somewhere else. Regardless of where OA ends up, BBA and the boys are still left in the aftermath of the school shooting that cost them their friend.

6 “The Portal Is Like A River. You Have To Choose To Jump In”

Another important thing to remember is something that OA says to BBA as they begin working on the movements. In order to make the jump into another dimension, you have to consciously make the decision to do so. It’s likely that OA was, in fact, able to consciously make the jump. 

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However, it will likely be an important fact to remember for season two and whatever seasons may follow. As of the season one finale, we’re aware of eleven people who are capable of using the movements to travel. Five left in the universe where OA tells her story to the boys. The question is: who, if any of them, will choose to make the jump?

5 How OA Escaped

Before starting season two, it may be important for fans to remember how exactly OA happened to become separated from HAP and the rest of her fellow captives. After the sheriff walks in on HAP watching his captives on multiple screens (as creepy scientist tend to do), HAP convinces him to let OA and Homer save his ailing wife. In return for his freedom and his work remaining uninterrupted. After OA and Homer heal the sheriff’s wife, she gives them the final movement. HAP proceeds to kill both the sheriff and his wife before abandoning OA on the road, taking Homer with him. Where HAP goes after that is something better left for season two.

4 Homer’s NDE

Looking into the NDEs that OA and her fellow captives had while under HAP’s custody could potentially give us some insight into the events of upcoming seasons. We know that when Homer had his NDE, he was in running around in a hospital. He enters a room with a five-sided aquarium and reaches in for a mouthful of some fresh seafood. We also know that when Homer was listening to the recordings of his NDEs, he hears his voice saying, “I’m Homer” and another voice telling him he’s not. It’s difficult to say what role these events will play in the future of the series, but the creators of the series wanted fans to see that. So it must be important, right?

3 What Khatun Says

Much like she is for OA, Khatun is a treasure trove of information for a hungry audience. OA meets Khatun several times throughout the course of her life and each time she offers sage advice, but also many warnings. Khatun begins by taking OA’s eyes because she cannot bear to make her watch the horrors to come. On OA’s second visit to Khatun, she gives her two gifts. First is a secret, a form of transportation unknown to any human. Plus, OA even gets her sight back along with a better understanding of the universe. It does, however, cost her eternal bliss with her father. But is that the only price OA will have to pay?

2 Homer & Renata’s Relationship

Another important thing to remember about HAP is that not only has he stolen away and repeatedly murdered his captives, he’s also used them and manipulated them into being complicit in his work. A key example of this being how he used Homer as bait in order to trap Renata after she refuses HAP’s initial advances. It’s not enough that he has removed them from society, their families, and even their lives. HAP also does his best to make sure that they can’t trust each other. Making it impossible for them to work with each other. Or so he thinks.

1 It’s Weird

That’s right. Like many brilliant things, The OA is pretty friggin’ weird. There’s so much going on, so many plotlines to follow, weird sections of the universe locked in a small cabin, people getting resurrected, or maybe time rewound in a specific area around their body? Who really even knows what's going on besides the people creating the show? The journey is the adventure. The best part of being able to create stories is being able to take them to all the weird places other people wouldn’t. So like OA says to the boys, “I’m going to need you to pretend like you believe me until you do.”

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