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10 Villains We Could See In Shazam 2

Shazam (character created by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder) has made a healthy amount of money at the box office, and a sequel, along with a Black Adam movie, has already been confirmed. Shazam was, at one point, the most popular superhero in the world, overtaking even Superman for that spot and selling 1.3 million copies of the series every month.

Even though it was off the shelves due to a legal dispute with DC for quite a few years, there's still a rich and full history of comics that the movies can draw inspiration from, including some utterly unique and great villains. Some of them are nearly household names, and others are characters that have lived in obscurity. Will Shazam 2 be their chance in the spotlight?

(Keep in mind, spoilers for Shazam are going to follow.)

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Let's start with that devious and somewhat off-putting talking caterpillar (it's all those legs!), shown briefly during Shazam, and then again in the mid-credits scene. That would be Mr. Mind, an incredibly evil and occasionally nazi talking space-caterpillar.

His backstory has varied somewhat throughout DC's history, but the current Mr. Mind hails from Venus and possesses the powers of mind control, telepathy, and mental image projection. He's the last of his race, and instead of wanting to save his new planet like DC's most iconic character, he wants to cause the planet and its denizens harm.


Another character likely to return from the first movie is Sivana. Sivana is a mad scientist scarred by his past and obsessed with magic and the power one can wield with it. From the looks of the mid-credits scene after Shazam, Sivana and Mr. Mind are going to be teaming up in the near future, giving the distinct possibility of them forming the Monster Society of Evil.

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The Monster Society of Evil was first introduced very early on in Shazam's (then known as Captain Marvel's) own series and had quite the large roster of deviants and creatures that were up to no good. If the Monster Society were introduced, it would certainly give the possibility of some of the craziest Shazam villains being used; some of them were even (briefly) featured in the movie already...


The Crocodile Men hail from a planet called Punkus and have served as an antagonist for Shazam for quite a long time as part of the Monster Society of Evil. We were given a brief glimpse of them in Shazam already; they were sitting around a table playing cards just through a door in the wizard Shazam's chamber.

They could certainly serve as some muscle for Sivana and Mr. Mind in the sequel(s), and let's be honest; we'd all like to see them return because walking and talking(?) crocodiles are awesome.


The Dummy is another ultra old-school character from the Monster Society of Evil. The Dummy is the leader of his own criminal gang... or is he? No one's quite sure whether The Dummy is an actual person, or actually a wooden dummy that's somehow become alive.

(Though that question may have been solved in a fight against the original Green Lantern). The Dummy pretends to convey instructions from his puppetmaster and the gang's true leader, and it appears no one is the wiser.


Ibac is a real heavyweight antagonist of Shazam, powered by four of the evilest people ever to walk the Earth: Ivan the Terrible, who supplies Ibac's terror, Attila the Hun, who supplies Ibac's fierceness, Caligula, who supplies Ibac's cruelty, and Cesare Borgia, who supplies Ibac's cunning.

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Ibac needs only speak his name to be transformed from petty criminal Stanly Printwhistle and into the monstrous Ibac, much like Shazam himself.


The notorious Mr. Who was bullied by others growing up, and was born crippled. He worked to gain an incredible amount of knowledge, and eventually attained genius-level intellect.

His intellect allowed him to create Solution Z, a compound that gifted him with a whole slew of powers, including size alteration, invisibility, regeneration, amphibian, metamorphosis, phasing, the ability to cure sickness, and the ability to make himself temporarily younger. His wide range of powers could definitely give the Shazam family issues.


King Kull was the king of a race of protohumans called the sub-men, or beast-men. These sub-men ruled humanity until they were overthrown. King Kull was in a state of suspended animation (much like Marvel's Captain America) and awakened in modern times.

King Kull eventually enlisted his power in the Monster Society of Evil as well, and despite being ancient he has a genius-level intellect, as well as super-strength, stamina, and durability.


There's a lot of "Mr/Misters" on this list. Mister Atom was originally an evil robot created by the mad scientist Charles Langley. Mister Atom went on destructive rampages, and eventually joined the Monster Society of Evil like most other Shazam antagonists.

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At one point, Mr. Mind had Mister Atom detonate a nuclear bomb in a Fawcett City suburb in an attempt to destroy the Marvel family.


Blaze could end up being a super-important character in further Shazam movies. Blaze is a half-demon and the daughter of the wizard Shazam (not Billy Batson). Blaze has a litany of atrocities associated with her, not the least of which involved her corrupting another character who wields similar magical power to Billy.

One who's definitely going to show up in the DCEU in the near future: Black Adam.


We already know for sure that Black Adam is going to get his own movie, so it's really just a matter of time as to how long it takes for him and Shazam to face off on the big screen. Black Adam was originally an ancient Egyptian prince who was given powers by the wizard Shazam, and with these powers, he's survived to the modern era.

Black Adam is the protector and sometimes ruler of Kahndaq, and has been a member of a wide-variety of super-villain groups in the past.

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