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10 Game Of Thrones Characters That Will Unexpectedly Survive In Season 8

In the weeks leading up to the eighth and final season of HBO's hit show Game of Thrones, fans of the show have been making their death predictions, as most have the belief that the majority of the show's characters won't survive until the series finale.

However, for this list, we're going to focus on who will survive the White Walker invasion. Some of the following characters might be high on everyone's death predictions list, as the Great War is expected to kill off some of the show's most important characters, and while that probably will be the case, the show has to keep some of its major characters alive.

So who will survive to see the end of Game of Thrones? Well, all of the following characters have a pretty good shot at seeing either Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow end up on the Iron Throne.

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10 Podrick Payne

In the first trailer for season 8, Podrick Payne was seen on the front-lines alongside Brienne of Tarth, which means that the longtime squire will fight in the battle for Winterfell. For the last few seasons, Pod has been training with Brienne, who is arguably the best fighter in Westeros. Surely all of that training can't just lead to him getting taken out during the highly anticipated battle against the White Walkers.

Also, there's no way that Pod would be on the front-lines if he weren't thought to be a competent fighter. Prior to this season, Brienne's squire has only been in action once, and that was when he helped Sansa Stark escape the pursuing Bolton forces.

9 Ser Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah Mormont has been through quite a lot during the show's first seven seasons, but he's proven time and time again that he's one of the best fighters in the world of ice and fire. While some have Daenerys's most loyal soldier high on their death predictions list, there's a good chance that he'll end up living and being named as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

As of right now, Dolorous Edd is the man in charge of the Night's Watch, and if he dies during the Great War, that could be a sign that Jorah, who is the son of the former Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, is going to take over as the top man at Castle Black.

8 Yara Greyjoy

The aspiring Queen of the Iron Islands is currently being held captive by her uncle Euron Greyjoy, who'll presumably be killed off at some point during this season. As for whether or not his death will come at the hands of his nephew Theon remains to be seen, but we do know that Ned Stark's former ward is on his way to rescue Yara.

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While Balon Greyjoy's only daughter will likely survive until the end of the season, the same can't be said for her brother, who will likely meet his demise at some point during the Great War. It's also possible that Theon's journey will come to an end when he attempts to free Yara from Euron. But, it's probably pretty safe to assume that the future Queen of the Iron Islands will make it out of this season alive.

7 Varys

During season 7, episode 3, after suggesting that Daenerys Targaryen should summon Jon Snow to Dragonstone, Melisandre had a brief conversation with Varys, where she predicted not just her own death, but the death of Westeros's most effective spy. This prediction clearly shook the eunuch, and it led many to believe that he will, in fact, meet his end during the show's final season.

Unless the Army of the Dead is able to prevail, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Varys loses his life. At this point, it's highly unlikely that he'll turn against whoever ends up on the Iron Throne, which would be the only other scenario where he'd meet his demise.

6 Arya Stark

In the first trailer for season eight, Arya Stark is terrified, which was quite surprising to see, as she hasn't shown much fear throughout the show's first seven seasons. So, it's quite clear that someone or something extremely dangerous is out to get her. Could it be Jaqen H'ghar? Could it be a group of faceless men who are coming to kill her? We'll find out soon enough.

Some might not realize that the Great War will be Arya's first battle, so her making it out of the season alive isn't exactly a guarantee. However, there's a good chance that she'll not only survive, but that she'll also end up marrying Gendry after all of the fighting has concluded.

5 Gendry

While he might not be the most skilled fighter with a sword, Gendry, who is the son of the former King Robert Baratheon, proved that he's pretty good with a hammer. Also, his skill as a Blacksmith is going to be pivotal as the world of the living prepares for the White Walker invasion.

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If Gendry does make it out of this season alive, he'll likely end up being legitimized by either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen, and on top of that, he'll probably be given Storm's End, which was previously held by his uncle Renly Baratheon.

4 Brienne Of Tarth

While most are expecting to see Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth finally get together in season eight, it's pretty hard to imagine that they'll both make it out of this season alive. Of the two, it's far more likely that Jaime ends up losing his life during one of the show's two big battles.

In the books, Cersei Lannister is informed about the valonqar prophecy by Maggy the Frog, as the fortune teller said that the Queen of Westeros will be strangled by a "little brother". However, in the show, the valonqar portion of the prophecy is left out, which might mean that Jaime will die in battle before being able to get his hands on his sister, which could lead to Brienne being the one to take out Tywin Lannister's only daughter.

3 Grey Worm

In the season eight trailer, Unsullied leader Grey Worm is shown kissing Missandei, which has led many to believe that he'll end up meeting his demise at some point in season 8. In fact, some have predicted that both Daenerys' most trusted adviser and her main man will end up being casualties of the Great War.

But this is one of the rare Game of Thrones love stories that'll have a happy ending. Of course, it's quite possible that Grey Worm will be wounded during one of the two battles, but it's hard to imagine a scenario where the captain of the Unsullied army gets taken out for good.

2 Tyrion Lannister

Following the battle for Blackwater Bay, Tyrion Lannister asked his father Tywin for Casterly Rock, which was a request that was harshly denied by the former Hand of the King. In response to Tyrion's request, Tywin said that he'd be consumed by maggots before he'd mock the family name by giving his youngest son the Rock.

While Tyrion probably won't do much fighting during the show's two big battles, he'll probably still have a big role to play. The scenario that makes the most sense for Tywin's youngest son is that he ends up living and being given Casterly Rock by whoever ends up on the Iron Throne now that his father has in fact been consumed by maggots.

1 Jon Snow

The biggest and most consistent death prediction for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has been Jon Snow, who many believe will die in one of the two battles. But, while the former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch will probably have no interest in sitting on the Iron Throne when the fighting is over, he'll more than likely end up there.

The only question is, will Jon rule the seven kingdoms alongside Daenerys, or will the Mother of Dragons shockingly meet her end during the war against the Night King and his army? The most likely scenario is that Jon and Dany end up getting married, despite the fact that they're an aunt/nephew couple.

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