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10 Burning Questions We Still Have After The OA Season 2 Finale

Ever since The OA aired back in 2016 fans haven’t stopped scratching there heads at the wonderfully complex and beautifully offputting series by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. Questions like: Was OA’s story real? What happened to OA after she was shot? Why did she say Homer right before the credits roll? What’s going to happen to BBA and the boys now that OA is gone? And when, for the love of the original angel, is season two going to air and give us some answers?

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Season two may have delivered answers to some of the questions fans were left with in the wake of season one. However, The OA’s second movement delivered far more questions than answers. Let’s get into them.

10 What Universe Are They(OA, Steve, and HAP) In Now?

Upon first glance, it may seem that HAP, OA, & Steve have made an (almost) impossible jump by making the leap into our universe. While that may see the case upon initial viewing, it is important to remember a few things. First off, The OA season two was filmed in California.

When we see OA rushed out in the ambulance with Jason Isaacs (the actor who plays HAP, being played by….HAP) and Steve, we see that the set appears to be in England somewhere. And speaking of Jason Isaacs (HAP), he refers to Brit as his wife, which is not the case in the real world. At least, not this one.

9 Where Did Everyone Else Jump To (And What If They Didn’t)?

As of the season two finale, we know without a doubt, that HAP, Steve, and OA are in the same dimension. Other than that is anyone’s guess. We know that “the portal is like a river, you have to choose to jump in”, so who actually dove in? If BBA, French, and Buck didn’t make the jump or at least a jump, then they’ve got a lot of trouble to deal with when season three premieres.

If they did manage to make the jump, however, where will they end up? Will they even end up together? One thing’s for sure, they’re going to need help. Wherever they end up.

8 Will We Meet A Version Of Theo?

For two seasons now we’ve heard BBA talk about her dead brother, Theo. And for two seasons we’ve seen The OA draw parallels to Steve and Theo. So the question is, now that it seems likely that BBA has potentially traveled to a new dimension: Has she used her link with Theo in the same way that OA used her link with Homer to find him, HAP, and the others?

We learn in the first season that BBA and Theo were twins, so it’s definitely possible, especially with a link like that. Will she be able to save him if he needs saving? Will she be able to leave if she can’t? It’s hard to say, but there are plenty of fans clamoring to get to know Theo. Maybe we’ll get the chance to.

7 Who Is OA’s Brother?

For an episode that is entitled “SYZYGY” that also has a telepathic octopus name Azrael, or Old Night depending on who’s giving the answer, it’s fair to assume things won’t get much more revelatory. How do you even top a telepathic octopus paired with the OA? By dropping some information fans may or may not have had any idea to expect. “Your brother...In every dimension, she sent him to protect you.”

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There are a few options that immediately spring to mind. Karim for starters, who does save OA immediately following this conversation. But there’s also Elias and Steve to consider. Hell, even Homer is a possible candidate. Is it possible that they are, in fact, the same being spread throughout different dimensions? Can one soul have different bodies? Or inhabit different bodies? Hopefully, season three will shed some more light on this mysterious brother.

6 Where Are The Other (Real) Angels?

At this point in the series, it’s a little hard to tell what exactly the series is referring to when it talks about angels. We know that OA is “the original angel.” We’ve also heard her refer to her fellow captives as angels as well as people that have traveled through dimensions.

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Old Night (who we’ll talk more about later) introduces himself as Azrael, the name of an angel from Abrahamic religions. OA’s brother is also sailing through the multiverse somewhere, trying to protect OA. So the question is: If OA is, in fact, the original angel, where are the ones that came afterward? Have we met any of them yet?

5 What’s With The Deal With The Letters As Names Thing?

We’re not only talking about the obvious names HAP, BBA, and OA -- the only people in the series referred to by their initials. We’re also talking about the other names like Elias (LIS) and the mysterious Elodie (LOD) that are phonetically similar abbreviations. Is there any significance there?

It’s hinted in the second season that Elias may have been sent by Khatun to protect OA and remind her of who she is after the events of the season two finale. But is it possible there are more than a couple of angels roaming around? And could the series be hinting at their identities with some clever naming? With a series like The OA, it’s hard to believe anything is simply a coincidence, but we’ll just have to and see.

4 What Was The Deal With Old Night (And Will There Be Others)?

Being a telepathic octopus isn’t even the weirdest thing about Old Night, or Azrael as he calls himself. It’s confounding just how much a telepathic octopus can know about the OA, her future, and her interdimensional traveling experiences.

But is he smarter than just your average telepathic octopus? Will there be other telepathic animals to help OA along the way? Do squirrels hold the key to unlocking the hidden secrets of the multiverse? Or does his name give us a hint at who may be inhabiting or possessing this octopus? Azrael, in the Abrahamic religions, is often marked as the angel of destruction and renewal. Perhaps, hinting at the reason Nina calls him Old Night.

3 What’s Going To Happen With Karim Washington?

The conclusion of season two may have brought along with it, many answered questions, but it also leaves so many unanswered. One of many being, Where does Karim go from here? There are so many questions regarding who Karim is and why the house was calling him through other peoples dreams.

Will we even see Karim in future seasons? It seems like Karim does have an important role to play in the events moving forward, and much like Elodie says, “The events of one universe echo throughout the surrounding universes.” So now that Karim has met OA, will we get the chance to see different versions of his character? Will we get to see the aftermath of Karim’s visit to the attic? Whatever the case may be, we hope to see him make a return.

2 Where Are They Going To Go From Here?

We’ve already established that the dimension that HAP, Steve, OA and potentially Homer land in is not our universe. It is, however, a dimension very close to our own. A few different choices. A few flaps of a butterfly’s wings; and hey, we’re in a universe where The OA films in England and Jason Isaacs married Brit Marling.

But now that we know we’re in a dimension similar to our own where do they go from here? Well, let’s start with what we know. The OA forgets herself. When Old Night shows OA the moment where she will be able to reawaken, she is on a plane. It’s possible, likely even, that HAP has taken them to a dimension outside their constellation, which means that OA may not even know Homer. Whatever is coming next, it’s likely only going to get crazier from here.

1 Who Is Elodie?

In a second season filled with exciting and important new additions, Elodie is perhaps one of the most important. Fans of the series have no idea who the mystery traveler may be, but suspiciously enough, Elodie seems to have a lot of knowledge regarding HAP, OA, Homer, traveling, and potentially even the viewers themselves. Something very interesting occurs after we find HAP and Elodie in bed together.

Elodie gets up to leave, but before she can HAP grabs her and demands he answer his questions before she leaves. He says he only needs a minute before walking off screen. At which point, Elodie’s eyes briefly follow HAP before she looks directly into the camera. She also refers to herself as a “creature of balance, A guide, an advisor, etc.” when talking to OA.  With all the in mind, it’s likely we haven’t seen the last of the mysterious Elodie.

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