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The Donkey Kong Timeline Is Truly Disturbing

Are you sitting down? Ive got something to tell yousomething that may shock you. Between the events of the various Donkey Kong games, the Kong family was involved in a bitter and vicious war. Among its many casualties, this war may have claimed the life of a classic Kong character, explaining his disappearance from


Jedi: Fallen Order is a good Star Wars game with terrible slides

Pretty much ever since EA won the exclusive rights to make console Star Wars games in 2013, the publisher has visibly struggled to figure out what exactly it should do with the Star Wars license. Some of EAs developers, like the creators of the excellent Dead Space series at Visceral Games, were completely crushed


Stop Wasting My Time And Just Give Me The Double Jump

Double jumps are a wonderful bit of video game nonsense, something that appears in game after game because they are, honestly, pretty cool. Double jumps, as my colleague Heather Alexandra wrote, make video games better. I have never once played a game and thought, this would be better without a double jump. I have,


Behold, Low-Budget Death Stranding Cosplay

Earlier this month, Kotakus Tim Rogers brought Death Stranding to life in a realistic, yet inexpensive way. He is not alone. Others have also been doing their own Death Stranding cosplays on the cheap.


Korean Slang For PlayStation, Xbox, And Nintendo Fans

A few years ago, Kotaku introduced online nicknames for Japanese fans of the three gaming platforms. Now, lets take a look at monikers given to Korean fans of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.


Stranded Sails Review: A Dry, Slow Voyage | Screen Rant

Even when it works on a technical level, Stranded Sails does next to nothing to earn its widespread comparisons to the far superior Stardew Valley.

Black Future 88 Switch Review: Bursts of Excitement | Screen Rant

Black Future 88 is an exciting roguelite shooter with a synthwave soundtrack that is just begging for more content to help round out the experience.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown & Raven Adams Are Expecting Baby

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown and Raven Adams are expecting baby together and revealed they're having a boy, who will be born in April 2020.

BattleTech: Heavy Metal Review - Teaching an Old Mech New Tricks

BattleTech: Heavy Metal adds some great new mechs and an engrossing campaign to the game, but its aimed squarely at people who are already fans.