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Master Bison, I Presume?

Hogni J. Mohr is an artist and illustrator from the Faroe Islands, making this the first time the archipelago has been featured on Fine Art after almost 2000 posts.


Keep Kids Busy By Having Them Design Warhammer 40K Space Marines

Anyone with kids (or younger siblings) is probably already feeling the strain of having them locked up for most of the day. It’s hard finding constructive things to keep them busy, but of all companies, Games Workshop might have one of the more left-field solutions.


Star Wars: Jedi Academy Has Secret Crossplay, And PC Players Are Killing Switch Users

Star Wars: Jedi Academy, released back in 2003 on the PC and Xbox, has only just been ported to the Nintendo Switch. And, uh, somehow PC players have been able to connect to console multiplayer servers.


Borderlands 3’s 'Door Busters' Event Guarantees A Legendary Weapon Haul

Borderlands 3 events tend to be hit or miss. The current one, “Door Busters,” isn’t just a hit. It’s a headshot.


A Year of Free Comics: Meet BENNY BECK: VAMPIRE KILLER, not your average hunter of the undead

The Jewish vampire hunter uses Stars of David instead of crosses to take down creatures of the night

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Players Won't Be Able To Buy And Sell Cards In Artifact 2.0

One of the most interesting things about Artifact is that you could buy and sell cards on the Steam marketplace. It was one of the more controversial aspects of the game though, and Valve says it’s getting rid of it.


Survival MMO Last Oasis Turns Out To Be Too Early For Early Access

Just days after launching on Steam, the massively multiplayer online game Last Oasis has already gone offline following widespread reports from players about issues trying to log on and server crashes.


In Moons Of Madness, Outer Space Is Just As Scary As Alien Monsters

I’ve never had any grand aspirations of being an astronaut, even as a kid. But in playing Moons of Madness, the latest first-person adventure from Norwegian studio Rock Pocket Games, I was given definitive proof that I just couldn’t hack it in outer space, long before the eldritch abominations started showing up.


Mignola auctions sketches for Chef Jose Andres’ charity

Two sketches of Hellboy are on the eBay auction block now.

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These Long, Slow Weeks

I usually check the news on my computer or my phone, but sometimes I’ll tap the New York Times app on my iPad, which is old and slow and prone to displaying headlines from several days ago. Those headlines linger for several confusing seconds before the ones for the current day materialize. This past Saturday, March…


There's A Superb New Room Game, If You've Got VR

Let’s call The Room series the Half-Life of puzzle games about locked boxes. It’s the best in its category, and its creators just released a sequel that’s only playable in virtual reality.