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58th Prize Fair [Photo Report]

Banpresto brings another bumper prize lineup to the table!

Mandalorian: Baby Yoda As Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Art is Unsettling

Baby Yoda continues to take the internet by storm as more fan art surfaces. This time, Baby Yoda is dressed up as Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

RECAP: Watchmen S1E8 – A God Walks Into A Bar

The tragic and doomed courtship of Dr. Manhattan and Angela Reeves from day 1.

The post RECAP: Watchmen S1E8 – A God Walks Into A Bar appeared first on The Beat.

You Better Believe This Is Another Witcher 3 Art Post

Andrzej Dybowski is a freelance artist who has recently worked on stuff like League of Legends, The Witcher 3 and Metro Exodus.

RIP René Auberjonois

The prolific character actor died Sunday at 79.

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Table Manners, A Video Game About Very Bad Tinder Dates

This is Table Manners, a video game in which you sit down across from your date, pour them a glass of wine, thrust fish in their face, spill food all over the table then set everything on fire.

Phoenix Point Is MIA On Xbox Game Pass

Phoenix Point, the latest strategy game from XCOM creator Julian Gollop, was released last week on the Epic Games Store. It was also supposed to be out on the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass, but it’s not, and Snapshot Games have basically had to admit “we dropped the ball”.

Our Favorite Cosplay From Oni-Con 2019

Last month, the 2019 instalment of Oni-Con was held in Galveston, Texas. It’s an annual show celebrating anime, manga and video games, which means by default there was also tons of great cosplay there as well.

The Week In Games: Giant Robots!

MechWarrior 5 headlines a week filled with smaller games and ports. I know a lot of folks are pumped for MechWarrior 5 and I hope it’s great!

First WONDER WOMAN 1984 trailer gets a massive response at CCXP in Brazil!

Plus new characters posters, including Pedro Pascal's Max Lord!

The post First WONDER WOMAN 1984 trailer gets a massive response at CCXP in Brazil! appeared first on The Beat.

Red Dead Online's Trader And Collector Roles Need More Content

Back in September of this year, Rockstar added roles to Red Dead Online. These roles greatly improved the game, giving players something to work towards and also offered players new content and abilities to unlock while earning some in-game cash. But these roles haven’t received equal amounts of love and this has some…

'Shop Contest: $120k Banana With Some Duct Tape

People complain about modern art a lot. “Anyone could paint some dots on a canvas.” Usually, their complaints are unfair. But then someone sticks a banana to a wall and sells it for $120,000 and sort of proves a lot of the jokes and criticisms of modern art to be totally true. Wild stuff.