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Twilight: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Twilight was a romance novel, so it only makes sense that it features multiple couples throughout the book. We saw vampires, werewolves, and humans all making it work as they found their other half throughout the series. Some couples we immediately shipped while others still confuse us to this very day.

This list focuses on these two different types of relationships as we lay them out based on whether or not they make sense. It was a messy world filled with interspecies relationships, but that doesn't mean all of them were bad. Keep reading to learn about 5 couples in Twilight that are perfect together and 5 that make no sense!

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10 Perfect: Carlisle and Esme

Carlisle and Esme had first met when she broke her leg as a human, but she was changed into a vampire after she had tried to commit suicide. She was changed by Carlisle, and she wasn't upset about it. They already had feelings for one another, and now, those could be returned forever as they lived as vampires.

It was the love story we didn't know we wanted or needed and the story wouldn't have been the same without their loving example shown in every encounter. They served as role models for the house and worked together to conquer problems as real relationships should.

9 Make No Sense: Jasper and Alice

Jasper and Alice are pretty close to polar opposites when you think about it, and their relationship never really made any sense. Alice found Jasper after a vision told her they would live a peaceful life together with the Cullens, and he just kind of went with it.

We know that Alice's nature would generally put anyone at ease, especially someone who is great at feeling and reading them, but we still aren't on board with it. He might have grown to love her, but the difference in their overall demeanors throws off their cohesion to onlookers.

8 Perfect: Emmett and Rosalie

Rosalie was originally changed by Carlisle to become Edward's significant other, but he rejected her. We might be mad about it if Rosalie hadn't miraculously saved Emmett's life after he was mauled by a bear. It was another beautiful love story as she carried him over 100 miles back to Carlisle so he could be saved.

It turned out to be love at first sight as he was changing, and this love seemed to mend both of their broken hearts. Rosalie still regrets that she can't have children, but Emmett consistently does everything within his power to keep her happy.

7 Make No Sense: Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley

This relationship between these two high school sweethearts didn't make any sense because it seemed to exist as part of a popularity contest. Jessica wanted the attention that Bella was receiving at school from all of the popular guys, like Mike Newton.

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She went after him for this reason alone, and Mike was never really over Bella as he continually tried to win her affections. It was messy and unconventional in a way that made us dislike both characters, and we hope they never actually ended up together after high school.

6 Perfect: Benjamin and Tia

These two worked perfectly together throughout the end of the series as they act as a unit. They had both been together as humans as they worked as street performers for a caretaker until Benjamin disappeared and became a vampire.

Tia married a human man, until one day Benjamin came back and gave her the decision to remain human or live out her days as a vampire with him. It was a beautiful love story and it is obvious to see just how in love they still were even after the events of their past.

5 Make No Sense: Laurent and Irina

Laurent and Irina were a pair that we never really see together, but we know it is part of the reason the story shifts in a certain direction. The two were not together long, as Laurent was called back to Forks by Victoria and subsequently killed, but there was still a bond between them.

We find it difficult to make sense of their relationship as Irina and her family was supposed to be friends of the Cullens, and yet Irina turns her back on them. She hates that they killed him to save a human, but we know she would have done the same if the situation was reversed.

4 Perfect: Sam Uley and Emily Young

Sam used to date the Leah Clearwater, but after comparing her to Emily Young, we can see why he imprinted on her instead. Leah Clearwater tended to be moody, vindictive, and distant, even after she learned it was something he couldn't control.

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Emily and Sam became the golden couple for the pack as they learned what it meant to have someone who was your other half. Sam might have lost control and slashed Emily's face, but it served as a lesson for everyone else to be careful of their newfound gifts.

3 Make No Sense: Edward and Bella

Edward and Bella were the main couple in the series, and we still cannot say their relationship made any sense. It is hard to believe as a human she didn't fear vampires who could kill her at any second. Edward was a bit strange when he decided to repeatedly enter her room at night to watch her sleep.

It was a weird turn of events that sold viewers on the story, but when you look at the big picture it appears that Bella had a death wish. She almost died on multiple occasions for stupid reasons because of their relationship, and for that reason, we can't say they were anywhere near perfect.

2 Perfect: Kate and Garrett

Kate is from the Denali coven and Garrett was a nomad, but they fell in love during the turmoil of the Cullen family trying to save Renesmee. Garrett becomes interested in their way of life, and soon grows to love Kate, and she returns the feelings.

When the Volturi arrive he becomes protective and tells her he will follow her anywhere. Garrett puts himself in danger as he undergoes her shocks as she struggles to rush the Volturi to avenge her dead sister. We are privileged to watch as their relationship grows and blossoms, and all we can do is love how perfect they are together.

1 Make No Sense: Jacob and Renesmee

Jacob and Renesmee were by far the oddest pair in the movie. He chased after Bella, her mother, for years and even kissed her. Then, when her daughter was born, Jacob imprinted on Renesmee.

It was beyond weird to know that he would have romantic feelings for her when she came of age, but we are left questioning when that will be. Is it when she turns 14 years old or 20 years old? Even then we question how it will work as we struggle to understand the weird intricacies of it all.

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