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Supernatural: Every Main Character, Ranked By Strength

In a show about angels, demons, monsters, and the people who hunt them, there's no wondering why the line-up of characters in Supernatural emanates strength and agility. More often than not, these characters depend on their fighting skills to save people and to save their own lives.

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Hunting, after all, is more than just lore books in libraries and beers by the side of the road. These characters have seen and survived it all (well, almost all), and their struggles have brought us thrilling, fist-clenching, stomach-knotting action sequences over the years. Here's an exploration of the "who would win in a fight against who?" of Supernatural.

10 Bobby Singer

It's hard to imagine where Sam and Dean would be without their father-figure and first turn for the how-to's of monster hunting. Bobby's pretty much seen it all, but by the time he shows up in the show's first season, he seems to have lived out his prime years. The fact that he did, in fact, live through it all gives us a glimpse of his ability, but we rarely see him in action.

Bobby's strength is in his mind. In most of his battles, he outsmarts or outwits his opponents with spell work or a trapdoor. His apocalypse-world self reveals that he had the wits to not only be part of the small fraction of humanity that survived the apocalypse but that he led a large group of the rebellion.

9 Jody Mills

It might be hard to believe that such a seasoned hunter and sheriff wouldn't rank higher on a list of the show's strongest characters, but Jody has some stiff competition. She's only human—nothing supernaturally enhanced about her—and, unlike most of the human characters on this list, she wasn't raised a hunter.

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It's really Jody's strength of character that makes her a fan favorite. Since she lost her family early in the series, she has developed into the fearless hunter and adoptive mother of three hunters-in-training she is today. Plus, she gets bonus points for being the only main character who's never died!

8 Crowley

King of Hell. The position comes with a lot of power, including control over every demon and hellhound in existence, but this power does not necessarily equal strength. He has more abilities than most demons, but he is also trapped by the boys and almost killed by his own mother on many occasions.

And, even if his cool demeanor won't allow him to show it, angels like Castiel or Naomi could wipe him off the board in the blink of an eye. He sacrifices himself at the end of season twelve and has yet to be seen since. Mark Sheppard has stated that he has no intentions of returning to the show, but this would not be his first surprise return.

7 Dean Winchester

At first glance, Dean would be a shoo-in for the strongest character slot. He has survived several near-deaths (and overcome more than a few "actual" deaths) and killed even more monsters of almost all known varieties in the Supernatural universe. With his background in hunting since the age of four, he is naturally an adept fighter and able to overpower most of the evil on the planet.

For Dean to gain the upper hand over some of the other characters on this list isn't unheard of, but most of these instances occurred while he was under supernatural influences, like the Mark of Cain or Michael's possession. Dean often acts without thinking on the battlefield. This works in his favor most of the time, but it's also what landed him in jail, Hell, and purgatory, and at the business end of the honest-to-Chuck apocalypse.

6 Mary Winchester

Supernatural has a long history of strong, memorable female characters, and it all starts with Mary. Having been killed by a Prince of Hell, Mary is no stranger to monsters. She did, after all, grow up the daughter of hunters Samuel and Deanna Campbell and was raised to kill the things that go bump in the night. In an episode where Dean travels back in time to before his mother's death, he is bested in a fight against her, and when she encounters another Prince of Hell not long after her resurrection, she ends up on the winning side. She also survives almost a year trapped in the apocalypse world with the devil himself.

Her talents even catch the eye of the British Men of Letters, who recruit her in their efforts to revolutionize hunting and wipe out every monster in America. When it is revealed that they were really brainwashing her to exterminate the country's existing hunters, she overcomes the brain control and returns to her sons.

5 Castiel

When they were first introduced in season four, angels were considered to be all-powerful beings. Over the years, the show has brought forth even more powerful enemies, but there is still something to be said about God's warriors.

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As one of the few remaining angels left in Heaven or Earth, Castiel has proven to be stronger than most of the Host of Heaven, having killed several of them himself. He has become God, survived as a human without his angel grace, and fought his way through Purgatory. After being killed by Lucifer, he even becomes the first angel or demon to ever escape the Empty.

4 Sam Winchester

In terms of storyline, Dean has been under the spotlight in the latest seasons (with bearing the Mark of Cain, dealing with Amara, being possessed by Michael), so it would be easy to forget how much Sam has endured and how much he is capable of. He did, once upon an apocalypse, overcome Lucifer's possession for long enough to throw them both through a gate to Hell. Later, he would go on to survive the trials of the demon tablet, and then, Gadreel's possession.

As the only character who is seen to out regularly, Sam also seems to be the most physically fit of the main characters (and the tallest, too!). Over the years, viewers can catch peeks of him doing pull-ups and going for runs.

3 Rowena MacLeod

Not only are witches one of the most difficult beings to kill in the Supernatural universe, but Rowena is considered one of the most powerful witches in existence. The Winchester brothers spend many seasons trying to kill her; when they fail, they recruit her to the team instead, calling on her for assistance on several occasions.

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Angels and demons, in theory, are more powerful than witches, but Rowena proves stronger than her peers. She manipulates and almost kills Crowley, and, in the season ten finale, casts an "animal" spell on Castiel, rendering him incapacitated. The episode "Ouroboros" in season fourteen reveals that her body is strong enough to host an archangel.

2 Jack Kline

Nephilim are half-angel, half-human and one of the most powerful creatures known in the Supernatural universe. As the offspring of an archangel, Jack is more powerful than any other Nephilim the world has seen.

At only days old, he is able to open and close a gate to Hell. He quickly gains control over his powers and learns how much stronger he is than other angels, being able to smite the attacking angels in the apocalypse world and to force Michael out of Rowena's body and kill him.

1 Billie

As a reaper, she may have been susceptible to death by any old angel blade, but since her promotion to the position of Death herself, nothing short of her own scythe, which she knows not to let fall into the wrong hands, could harm her.

Billie is more humble than her predecessor, Julian Richings' Death of seasons five through ten, who once claimed that he would someday reap God, but it's assumed that she will inherit all of these powers and destinies as well. That means she would be able to reap both of the potential season fifteen big bads!

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