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Sons Of Anarchy: Every Season Finale, Ranked By IMDb | ScreenRant

Sons Of Anarchy was an incredibly popular television show, spanning seven seasons it proved to be a true hit from start to finish. With a detailed storyline that persisted throughout the series, with lots of shorter plots blending in with them, the show always had fans gripped. With an incredible cast of characters and some truly shocking moments that you don't seem coming, it is a show that maintains a high standard as well.

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Of course, with any show, the star is what grips you and the ending is what brings the audience back for more. Thankfully, Sons Of Anarchy had some amazing season finales, and in this list, we will rank them according to IMDb's ratings.

7 To Be, Act 2 - 9.1

The fact that the lowest-rated season finale from Sons Of Anarchy gained an IMDb rating of 9.1 shows just how high the standard of the finales really was. After all, most television shows would be more than happy with their episodes gaining a 9.1 rating. The episode "To Be, Act 2" was obviously a two-parter, with this being the second part of that.

It was part of the major storyline with the Irish and in this episode, Jax is forced to do all he can to finalize the deal between the cartel and the Irish. However, he is forced to overcome some huge obstacles in order to make that possible. Using his brains to create an elaborate plan, Jax and his fellow Sons really have to think outside the box.

6 The Revelator - 9.2

"The Revelator" was the final episode for the very first season of Sons Of Anarchy and obviously had a lot of pressure to deliver. With the need to bring the audience back for the second season, the show certainly delivered with IMDb rating the episode at 9.2. After the death of Donna, every character is ridden with grief and some with guilt.

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The episode shows how everyone is attempting to deal with the situation as the funeral takes place. While it isn't confirmed, Jax becomes incredibly suspicious that Clay and Tig had something to do with the death. The episode ends with a big tease as Piney hands Jax a fresh copy of his father's memoirs. He declares that it is "time for a change," which teases what could be taking place in the future of the show as Jax continues to try and take the group in a new direction.

5 Na Triobloidi - 9.4

With a slightly higher IMDb rating of 9.4, the second season's finale saw the show go out on an even bigger bang than the first. "Na Trioblodi" was another gripping episode where the group attempts to rid Charming of The League and Ethan Zobelle once and for all. The episode is a very violent one that features several murders, with the group really going out for blood here.

SAMCRO is desperate to deal with the situations that they're facing and it makes for an incredible thrilling episode from start to finish. The season ends with one of the most shocking moments in the history of the show as well. With Hayes escaping to the marina on a gunning boat, however, he just so happens to have Jax's son, Abel kidnapped with him.

4 J'ai Obtenu Cette  - 9.4 3 A Mother's Work - 9.5 2 Papa's Goods - 9.5

One of the reasons Sons Of Anarchy is so beloved is because it is a rare example of a popular television show being able to stick the landing. Often shows with tons of hype struggle to finish on a high (Game of Thrones, Dexter, HIMYM), but Sons didn't have that issue.

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The final ever episode of the show, "Papa's Goods", was rated at 9.5 on IMDb, giving the show a perfect ending. This episode had a huge task in wrapping up everything from the show and ensuring there weren't any loose ends, which it certainly did.  Jax Teller took the final steps to fulfill his father's legacy, and even though his ending is an emotional one, it was a perfect one at the same time.

1 NS - 9.7

Even though the final episode of the show was excellent, it wasn't the highest-rated. That honor belongs to "NS", which was given a rating of 9.7 on IMDb, with this being the finale for the third season of the show. It is an action-packed and intense episode, and that is why it is rated so highly.

The club aims to heal old wounds and settle scores in this episode, but they have roadblocks in the form of both the ATF and the Russians, making things difficult. The episode also does a lot of tying up old ends from Jax's father, revealing more than ever before. Lots of secret information is made available and details begin to emerge and even though the Sons get what they want, they're still sent to jail at the end.

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