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Game Of Thrones: 10 Known Facts About The Ice Dragon

As the final season of Game of Thrones approaches, many are wondering what the show has in store for audiences. There are plenty of predictions on how it will all end but there’s bound to be big surprises. Many fans of George R.R. Martin’s world are hoping we’ll see some of the more spectacular things the books have hinted at. One, in particular, is ice dragons.

Among all the many creatures that are said to be a part of this world, ice dragons are among the most mysterious. Little is known about these beasts but now that the Night King has one, the ice dragon is going to be a huge part of the Game of Thrones endgame. Here are some of the facts we know about ice dragons.

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10 They Are Not Undead Dragons

One of the most traumatizing moments on the show came last season when the Night King killed Daenerys’ dragon, Viserion, and subsequently resurrected him. Now under the Night King’s control, the dragon will no doubt be used to wreak havoc on Westeros during the final season.

While the show seems to refer to the undead Viserion as an ice dragon, the ice dragons of myth are completely different creatures that have nothing to do with the White Walkers. It’s still possible we’ll see a real ice dragon before the show’s end.

9 Many Don’t Believe In Them

The world of Game of Thrones is filled with fantastical things, yet some stories are just too hard for the public to believe. While the world knows of the existence of fire-breathing dragons who helped conquer Westeros, ice dragons are still thought to be make-believe creatures.

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Many of the stories about ice dragons come from the kinds of bedtime stories Old Nan would tell the Stark children. Over time, it seems people became convinced that the stories were nothing but fiction. However, almost everything in Old Nan’s stories has become reality.

8 Ice Dragons May Be From Essos

One of the reasons the world has a hard time believing ice dragons exist is because of how rare they are. Even though stories of them date back many years ago, these creatures seem to have avoided interacting with the realms of men.

There have been several reported sightings of ice dragons over the years. Sailors claim to have spotted ice dragons flying over the Shivering Sea, a frigid body of water north of Essos. Given that part of the world is largely unexplored, there could very well be creatures living there that are unknown to the civilized world.

7 They Look Like White Walkers 

Through these rare sightings, we know a little bit about what ice dragons look like. While they are not undead, like the White Walkers and their army, ice dragons are said to share the same pale blue eyes. They also appear to be entirely made of ice and their wings are translucent.

The most significant aspect of the ice dragons’ appearance is that they are said to be much larger than the dragons of Valyria. It’s hard to even picture such a beast, but if they were to make an appearance, it’s safe to say it would be a game-changer.

6 They Breathe Ice, Not Blue Flame

While the resurrection of Viserion was an awe-inspiring sight, that was nothing compared to what the Night King used him for. The last scene of Season 7 showed the Night King riding Viserion as the dragon burned down the Wall with his blue-flamed dragonfire.

There is still a lot we don’t know about the undead Viserion and there are many questions about that blue flame. However, this also differs from the legends of ice dragons who are said to breath ice and can freeze entire armies in seconds. That might be cool to see.

5 They May Have Never Left

The fall of the Targaryen dynasty can mostly be traced back to the extinction of the dragons they used to conquer Westeros. For many years, leading up to the events of Game of Thrones, dragons no longer existed in the world. However, ice dragons may have been there the entire time.

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Given the random sightings and the fact that they were never seen in Westeros by any accounts, the ice dragons were never subjugated to the kind of life that got Valyrian dragons killed. Some think the ice dragons have just been hibernating in the lands to the north, waiting to be awoken.

4 There May Be Some In Westeros

Despite never being seen in Westeros, there are some theories that ice dragons did exist in these lands long ago. Before even the First Men populated the lands, ice dragons may have roamed free in the North. And there are some who suggest some may still be there.

One of the most popular theories suggests an ice dragon is sleeping underneath the crypts of Winterfell. The crypts have always held certain significance in the show, and were featured prominently in teaser for the final season. Seeing an ice dragon emerge from beneath Winterfell could be one of the most thrilling things the show has ever done.

3 The Horn Of Winter

Though there may indeed be ice dragons hibernating in some hidden place, the question remains how they will be woken. The theory that makes the most sense is that the Horn of Winter will be used. The Horn of Winter is an ancient magical item that may have already been discovered by Samwell Tarly.

According to legend, the Horn of Winter could bring down the Wall. But some have suggested that it might actually awaken an ice dragon sleeping within the Wall. Seeing as the Wall is destroyed that’s not likely to happen. But the horn could still summon an ice dragon wherever it may be.

2 They Have Never Been Tamed

Dragons are not entirely trusting creatures. The Targaryens seem to be the only people able to domesticate them in any way. This special bond allowed them to use the mighty beasts as weapons against the rest of the world. However, ice dragons may not share that same Targaryen bond.

Unlike the dragons of Valyria, no ice dragon has ever been tamed. These creatures have remained on their own and independent from the human world. If ice dragons do appear on the show, it will be interesting to see how warmly they treat the people of Westeros.

1 Jon Snow May Control One

Just because no one has ridden an ice dragon doesn’t mean no one will. Maybe it just needs to be the right dragonrider. Many theories suggest that during the final battle against the army of the dead, the ice dragon will rise from beneath Winterfell and Jon Snow will mount him.

It makes sense for Jon to be the one. He may well be the Prince Who Was Promised, he epitomizes “ice and fire” and he has a bond with Daenerys' dragons. The books back up the theory with Jon’s constant thoughts of ice dragons. As the final season draws near, we’ll soon see if the fan theories are true.

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